19th Feb 2001, 20:09


This vehicle was returned to the dealership once again after the rear end felt like it was about to fall out on the road. Fault found was apparently the rear suspension was loose in places. Dodgy manufacturing in other words.

On a recent trip to Albany in WA's south west, the cruise control would not operate... the brake light switch was stuck, brake lights were on and cruise of course wouldn't engage. Upon having this repaired, the mechanic showed me the inside edge of the front tyres... bald to the steel belt, but the rest of the tyre was brand new almost. Apparently incorrect wheel alignment. Not very good for 30,000kms.

Vehicle went through a stage of stalling, but has recovered now.

21st Feb 2001, 20:40

Go the Commodore mate!!! We all know that Fords are crap! LOL. FORD=F-Fixed O-Or R-Repaired D-Daily.

3rd Mar 2001, 13:03

Or..... Found On Rubbish Dump!!!

3rd Apr 2001, 19:45


As mentioned in my previous update... front end alignment has caused the front tyres to wear down to the steel belt on the inner edges... after recently having a 40000km service I asked for two new front tyres (as they were totally down to the steel belt on the inner edges) and a wheel alignment. The car was returned from the dealership with the comment "no fault found with the front tyres", but a $55 charge for a wheel alignment.

In my rage, I dragged out the service advisor, started the car, swung the wheels to full lock, exposing the steel belts hanging from the tyres... I really do wonder about these "factory trained technicians" and all the service advisor could manage was "oh crap, how did they miss that"... needless to say, I have given up on the free care programme Ford puts on the Falcon to 60000kms, as I'm doubtful it got anything more than an oil change. My local BP garage will now be servicing my vehicle...

12th Jul 2001, 04:49

I own an 97 FORD XR6.

I too found the assistant service manager rude and disinterested at the FORD dealer where I bought the car second hand. It was all too much of a drama to talk to me and find out about the car.

The car now gets serviced at the local Dynotune.

24th Jul 2001, 21:44

Holdens are just as bad as Fords and vice versa, don't buy either, have some brains and buy a Toyota, Honda, Mitsu, Mazda or Subaru, then you will see what a good car is.

10th Aug 2001, 05:12

I have owned Fords, Holdens and just about all other types of six and eight cylinder cars in my lifetime.

Every Holden I have owned has been a bucket of crap, from the 202 through to the V6 3.8. My last VN was a harsh piece of scrap. The 2000 model is much better, but they don't match the AU Ford Falcons.

I have done a case study on these two cars, the Ford handles better even without independent rear suspension, has a bigger boot, is more economical and is better looking. Incidentlly, off the line and on top speed, a new AU Ford will blow a Nissan Maxima into the weeds. Ford have realy got it right this time.

19th Aug 2001, 00:03

What division of Ford do you work for? Falcons handle like crap, are gutless, harsh, have no character, are ugly as sin, and have a smaller boot than a Camry.

A Maxima is a well built world class quality car that has a sophisticated silky smooth V6. The Falcon has the same dinosaur engine dating back to the early 70's. A little bland (the Nissan) yes (much better looking than an AU), but not a Taxi.. Uh I mean a Falcon.. the sales figures speak for themselves... oh by the way I sold new Fords for 3 years so I can make these judgments. Anyone who buys a Falcon over a Liberty, Camry, Accord or similar does not know how good a car can really be. And don't know they can save $20 a week in fuel because these barges drink like Landcruisers.

27th Sep 2001, 22:18

The guy that wrote the previous article is absolutely correct. The Commodore is much better looking. It also has a hell of a lot more torque and it is spread out through the revs - unlike the Falcons that has the majority of its torque under 3000rpm. The V6 3.8 Commodore has the ability to do 120Km/h, up hill, towing a 700Kg trailer in 2nd - That's RIGHT, SECOND and still have about 800rpm before it hits the red. The Ford is bloody ugly, it looks like something from space with those massive head lights.

And the Falcon is in much need of a rear suspension upgrade. The Commodore has IRS on its BASE MODEL - The Executive, where as the Falcon isn't fitted with IRS until the 2nd highest model

30th Sep 2001, 03:18

It amazes me how anyone can like a Falcon, they're ugly, gutless, chew petrol like it's going out of fashion (and it is so they are not helping), harsh, and very noisy in the cabin. They handle like crap and you don't even get a clock in the base model, I mean how cheap can you get? You have to get to the second highest model to get a decent car, equipmentwise, you will never get a descent Falcon mechanically wise.

Holdens are good looking (VT Preferred), powerful at low rev ranges and are smooth on the road. Unlike Falcons they also have an electronic drivers seat in the base model AND A CLOCK. When you put your foot down they are nearly up on their rear wheels and very smoothly mind you.

The only problem I have had with my VT Holden Commodore Executive is one day it started spluttering and backfiring and wouldn't move, but the NRMA said that was cause of all the stuff in petrol that shouldn't be there. On the last note the Commodore is very efficient, expecially when cruising I went from Sydney to Tamworth which is 400 odd kilometres and it only sipped up half the tank. I am very impressed with the mechanics of the Commodore, I recommend it to everyone.

11th Oct 2001, 01:57

Mate you do not know what you are talking about. In fact the Ford Falcon Forte has more power AND torque than the Holden Commodore. Don't believe me? Check at the manufacturer's site! The Ford does not need IRS cos it handles better with a live axle!

Fuel economy is slightly worse than Commodore, but this is cos of heavier body and more powerful / bigger engine. If you don't like the styling then that's your problem, buy something different. If you want a responsive car buy a BMW M Series, not Aussie made. There ARE some lemons, but that happens with any make. I have mates that have had stuffed up Commodores and Falcons.




8th Dec 2001, 20:24

Having driven many variants of the Ford Falcon & the Holden Commodore, I can confidently conclude that the V8 variants of both (the XR8 Falcon & Commodore SS V8) are the best choices for anyone wanting this particular type of car.

However, I have experienced many problems with both of these vehicles (not confined to the variants aforementioned) in terms of reliability, long term durability, build quality, warranty back up in legitimate claims, & an abysmal level of customer service from both marques service departments.

This is what has shaken many peoples faith in these indigenous products & therefore has driven them to a lot of imported marques, whether they be localized foreign vehicles, or full CBU (completely built up) imported vehicles.