22nd Jan 2002, 16:23

After reading all of these comments I can see the old Ford V's Holden coming out here. The truth, no matter who or what you are, is that they both are about as good as each other. Where I work they have both Ford Falcons and Commodores, and we have had trouble with both. Actually to be honest we probably have had more Holdens that have played up, but I these were all related to the same problem of faulty electronics that stuffed the ignition.

But saying this, I still feel that these are both as good and as bad as each other. Usually it comes down to what you like in the cars. Holdens are usually zippier and feel more nibble, but the Falcon gives a more comfortable ride and is engenieered better to cope with long trips. Hay the coppers once said in a magazine that they preferred Ford out in the Bush and the Holdens in the City.

29th Jan 2002, 18:58

FORD = First On Race Day... Unlike the poxy Holdens... Hop Out Love, Damn Engines Nackered!!! :-)

10th Feb 2002, 07:02

I'm sorry to say, but Ford's have no guts. No matter what, Commodores are heaps more reliable and powerful than Falcons. I have never lost to a Falcon, my V6 VS BT1 ex police car takes on the new XR8 with no problems. My HSV GTS is no match to any Ford (Cougar, Viper etc). Driven by 395kw it takes on all the Japanese imports with last speed test taken at Willobank at 0-100km/h 4.48sec and 0-400m 10.97sec flat. So someone else please tell me who has a Ford Falcon or any Ford that could come close to beating my Commodore. The body, shape and design from a Commodore are better designed and with the HSV range the XR8 is a kids toy...

14th May 2002, 07:08

My current car is a VT Series 1 Commodore, company supplied as I would never buy a Holden myself. My previous car was a '90 EA2 Falcon (my own). Even with over 220,000 K's it had a far smoother and driver-friendly auto box than the VT which has only 85,000 K's on it. It also used less oil. Had a proper 60/40 split rear seat, instead of the silly port-hole type thing the VT has (don't get me started on it still having the boot release in the glove-box).

As for quality problems, sure both makes have had their woes, but anyone who thinks a Holden has a better build quality/design than a Ford is SERIOUSLY deluded. Why are 99% of taxis Falcons? Because the owners know they'll last the distance. I recently took a taxi (EF Falcon) in Brisbane that had 729,000 K's on it! I'd be very doubtful if you'll ever see a Holden Commodore with half that mileage still rattling around.

8th Jun 2002, 05:48

I'm afraid a VS ex-cop car, and a V6 to make it worse, would not run scared from any Falcon.

Apart from having every cop and his dog thrash its poor pushrod guts out for about 50,000k's, it produced 'only' 147kW from the factory. Fords equivalent model, the EF/EL Falcon, produces 157. Not to mention the phenomenal torque advantage the Falcon has, 357Nm to 301.

The Commodores antiquated mechanical TH700 auto box is also state of the ark compared with the electronically controlled BTR LE95's of the Falcons.

Now the Police do NOT make any performance modifications to their station hacks, except tick the FE2 box on the options list. The FE2 is also a far cry from the Tickford setup in the Falcons.

Now aside from that, an XR8 has a 5 litre, hand built 220kW V8. 220kW is a bit of an advantage over 147. But your VS auto ex cop thrashabout eats XR8's? Even supercharged, the Ecotec V6's struggle to maintain 210kW.

I think my 1994 model Falcon, which even conjures up 148kW and 348Nm would scare your 50's designed Buick V6, sorry, 1995/6 Ecotec V6.

20th Jul 2002, 09:20

I drive an HG Holden premier, I hate it. But at work I am forced to drive a Ford. The premier is smoother, more power, easy to service, and RELIABLE. I really don't see too many Fords on the road older that the XF. They really aren't too good.

17th Aug 2002, 05:25

I own a Falcon, this has been the biggest piece of junk I have bought (It was the first Ford and the Last) I have had Engine, Electrical, Air-co problems (Other than regular running costs, this has cost me at least another $1500 to keep it going. My latest problem has TOTALLY BLOWN ME AWAY

I turn on the headlights and the gearbox shifts back a gear, and will not select gears beyond the one it shifted back too. (In other word if I turned on the lights when I was in second, I will then only have 1st, until I turn the the car off. So run it to 4th (Wham I have 1,2 and 3) Why am at this page.. I was looking on the net to see if there was anybody else out there that had this, so I bumped into this page. As for performance Holden/Ford (WHERE IS THE ARGUMENT??? Check the race results 1.Holden 2.Holden 3.Holden what Ford? Don't talk, prove it at Bathurst. As for me I will now buy a Toyota. Not being a fan of either Ford/Holden - Life is to short. Give me a car that always gets to point B... without costing me fortune.

25th Aug 2002, 19:48

I think my story says it all. I purchased an AUI falcon in September 1999, car was fine, except every time you would start it, it would stall, you could kick it over a second time and it would run fine. After returning the car a countless number of times, and according to ford $12,000 in warranty repairs (attempted repairs), they decided it could not be fixed. The car was returned to Ford, and a Replacement AUII falcon was issued. (both cars were a Falcon 'S' with a 5 speed gearbox). OK so you would imagine that I would be happy with a new car, guess again, so far the AUII has had the following items replaced -

Ball joints,

Steering Rack,

Clutch 3 times,

Water Pump,


Air conditioning Compressor (twice)

Air conditioning Vent box (behind dash, dash removal resulted in noise from engine bay through firewall, car has been back twice and problem can still not be found.)


Rear exhaust.

The list goes on and on and on.

My biggest problem is the clutch, the car now has 80,000km, however the clutch pedal gets very hard to press, hard to the point where my fiance cannot drive it, ford agreed this was a problem and replaced it a second time at 60,000km, the problem has redeveloped, and a new clutch was put in at my expense, due to it apparently being more than 75% worn.??? I was told it would not be covered under warranty and paid $800 to replace it. The pedal is better however it is not even close to the feel of the new cars in their lot. The car is not driven hard, and I don't slip or ride the clutch. I have had manual cars in the past that have traveled over 100,000kms without any clutch problems. I think there must be a serious problem for the clutch to only last 20,000km. It must be pressure plate related. Is anyone else experiencing this many problems with their AU or AUII. I have owned in the past an EA, and two EF's, none had any major problems. somebody has to know something!!!