18th Sep 2002, 02:03

First of all, look at the names. Falcon flies, Commodore doesn't. Now, look at the looks. Don't rectangle lights bore you out a little? And what about the interior, don't red interiors hurt your eyes. The dash on the Falcon gives the feeling of modernistic design with nice settled colours. What about the most important ingredient-grunt. The XR's sound brings music to the ears while the Commodore's bores you. Although I must say the Commodore is a car I could live with, I'm an un-equivocal Ford supporter.

20th Sep 2002, 23:29

I'm sorry to say to Mark Scaife or any Commodore driver that your cars are worthless crap. In fact, I am told that Holdens blow up before they move an inch. I can understand why you may not understand that since you see Commodores on the road every day, but that's just what I'm told. Try reading the Autocar or Wheels and you'll find that all this is true apart from the explosive part.

24th Oct 2002, 02:49

When it comes down to it you get what you pay for. If you do not know falcons, their quirks and their most common problems, DO NOT BUY ONE SECONDHAND! Or, at the very least, pay for someone who does know them. I guess the same could be said for bombmadores... never even considered it personally...

6th Jan 2003, 03:42

Can't understand how you could have so many problems with you car champ for so little k's. I have a pretty unbiased opinion on the holden v ford debate as I have owned both. I have seen reviews on the new commodores and read of similar problems. It is understandable that you will get a few problems once you get over 100,000 km, but your car should be just run in with 40,000 on the clock. I have been in taxis (ford and holden) that have half a million k's on the clock and while they are not perfect the engine sounds strong. Australian cars are now built to world standards and build quality is much better than that of the 70's, 80's and early 90's. That is why Australia is exporting more cars than ever. Also the Ford and Holden base model 6's have very similar power so quite simply saying one or the other is gutless is being silly, it would really come down to who the better driver is.

4th Jun 2003, 04:43

Ford XF has A Huge electrical problem with dash

Can you help Speedo Intermittent.

3rd Apr 2004, 05:25

WOW A VS 6 cylinder does away an XR8? Since when does 147Kw blow away 220kw. I've only had my AU3 XR8 2 months and just love it. Probably wouldn't have bought it if I new it was an ex cop car before hand. But once I cooled down and did a bit of research found it had been properly serviced and the only thing in 60,000 Ks it needed was radiator work (via factory recall) and hand brake adjustment at 40K service. Would you believe the dealership offered to cancel the deal and return my trade in. Had it checked out by a friend mechanic and could not fault it in any condition and performance. May be it's one of those freak cars you get every now & then. My mate had an XC interceptor and that was a freak too. At least Ford got it right with the exhaust note, it just screams through 1st 2nd & 3rd and then I have to back off from the triple figure speed. Hope it goes like this for a while as I think this one is staying in the family for quite some time.Handles, goes, stops great. Remember guys before your new car warranty runs out you can extend by another 3yrs or 60000 Ks (That's FACTORY Warranty).Apart form the juice disappearing every time my foot gets a little itchy, it is just hot.

18th Dec 2010, 21:26

Yeah, the Ford v Holden debate is as old as the hills. Maybe a bit like the Poms v Aussies with The Ashes/Cricket. I've had H's & Fords, & have now got an AUFalconSR3Wagon, which goes great like the previous XF, which I had for 12 years & gave good reliability & cheap. Yeah, I agree, Ford for the country, Holden for the city.


19th Mar 2011, 03:58

Yeah, everyone says the AU was crap, but my AU series 2 still goes strong. It's very well looked after. Have had it 5 years, it's never let me down, has done nearly 200,000 kms, doesn't use a drop of oil and water.

I'll never buy another Holden after the reliability of my Falcon. Best second hand car I ever bought, and that reason is why my next car will be another Falcon.

They're fantastic out on the highway. I'd love to see this magical VS ex cop car try to chop an AU. If it's still around!! Gotta laugh how people think chipping a car gives it an extra 50hp at rear wheels :p If it was chipped, I'd doubt it would even give it 10kw extra.

I've driven 6 cylinder VS's as well. You really notice the difference between a VS and an AU 6 cylinder after 100km/h. The Falcon just leaves it for dead. Have even noticed this with the VT/VX as well. Sorry, but the Ford will always be quicker as the speeds get higher. Torque is the big difference between the Commodore and Falcon 6's, and the Falcon has always been ahead in that department.

14th Apr 2011, 18:32

I like your comments on the AU Ford. I have had a 2000 model Futura for 9 years. It has 206000km on the clock, it runs like a swiss watch, & other than normal services, I have had no trouble.

It is now on its third set of tyres in 206000km; they wear down after about 90000km & I replace them.

It doesn't use oil or water, & even though I don't look after, it still looks immaculate.

I have had many cars in my 68 years, but this has got to be the best ever.

22nd Sep 2011, 21:36

Hi guys. I had a 2000 Holden VT Commodore Series 2, which was a great car to own while I had it, but I wrote this car off regrettably, and even after I wrote it off, I just drove it the rest of the way off the main highway, then the rest of the way home with the muffler dragging on the road, and the front bumper was torn off. All I had to do was tie the muffler up to the spoiler it had, and I put my front bumper on the back seat, then I just started the car up, and it started up straight away. And it made it all the way home just fine, and after that night, it would not start again.

So anyway, I now own a 2000 Ford Falcon Forte Series 2, and it's done 242732, and I had to have the radiator fixed, which my mechanic had to have over night, as his workers kept nicking the radiator or something. It had bad oil leaks everywhere, which my mechanic showed me that it had, so I had all this fixed by my mechanic, who I know, and this is the reason I got a Ford instead of a Holden, because I've known my mechanic since I was a little kid, and he is a Ford mechanic.

And now it has its moments in acceleration. Sometimes I put my foot down and it is gutless, but when I put my foot right to the floor and I hold my foot to the floor for a bit, just to get it out onto the highway, at times it takes off like a rocket, but I haven't had this car tuned up, but I didn't even have my Holden tuned up, and it just flew, unlike my Ford that I regrettably own now, that has no torque, so I'm just wondering WTF the problem is with it? Should I have it properly tuned, or should I just replace my spark plug leads and spark plugs, or what?

Could any of you help me with this issue, and I'm wondering if anyone knows why my car is like this?

Also, the air con is the same; sometimes it gets icy cold, and other times it just stays lukewarm, to the point that I just don't bother using it, and I just put my windows down.

My previous car was way better than this rust bucket, so now I just wish I had of got another Holden, as they are a great car, so I'm sorry Ford fans, Ford sucks and Holdens rule, and I don't mean to hurt your feelings Ford supporters.

27th Nov 2011, 06:05

It's most likely your ignition leads champ. I had the same problem with my AU2 on take off, and noticed it had a misfire every now and then. Had it

hooked up to a computer at the mechanic's, and the leads were stuffed.