2003 Ford Falcon BT Gas LPG from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to repair, comfortable drive and good looking


Oil leaks (just had the bottom of the gasket changed; now the top is leaking).

ABS light permanently on.

Sticky gear selection in dashboard display eg. going from Drive to Park, it will display that you are in Reverse, though you have moved gear to Park. Have to start the car in Neutral gear because of that.

General Comments:

OK, overall this car is good.

Other than those minor issues (and they really are minor), the car is beautiful to handle, very comfortable to drive and so quiet. We bought the EGAS system so the car has no dual fuel system, it's full gas (that's the Green Engine Block).

Has been cheap to repair, and that was part of our decision to buy the Ford. We had a 2004 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon before this one, and I have to say OMG, that car was brilliant, never let us down, mechanically it was A1. We have had the Ford for almost 1 year now, and have been to mechanics twice... sigh... and have to go back to have another look at this ABS light and repair the engine block leak.

Would I buy this car again... probably not, but I think I would still look at buying another Ford, of course, not until I check the reviews for a candidate here first :)

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Review Date: 27th December, 2011

28th Dec 2011, 16:50

It has 220,000 on the clock, and you're disappointed because of a light staying on and a couple of minor leaks??

17th Jan 2012, 19:30

Yeah, for price I paid for a Falcon, it ended up being the same amount that I sold the Mitsubishi for, which had no leaks, electrical problems or sticky gears. I have to say that is annoying!! Just expect that a Ford will require more maintenance and ongoing road costs :(

26th Nov 2013, 19:27

I have to say, the Magna is the worst car produced by Australia, apart from the Sigma! Horrible cars!

2003 Ford Falcon BA 4.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Probably a good car to own new, but higher mileage and a few years, and the car deteriorates quickly


Power steering hose replaced twice.

Electric window mechanism replaced once.

Driver's door lock replaced.

Driver's window rubber replaced.

Faulty handbrake cable.

Prematurely warped disk rotors.

Undiagnosable misfire on idle/random stalling.

Sagging headlining.

Transmission oil cooler issues.

Faulty throttle position sensor.

Rust holes appearing, even after rust protection.

General Comments:

Looks are good, boot size is great, sports shift transmission is nice to have, front seats are roomy, rear is cramped, handling is vague.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2011

2003 Ford Falcon XL utility 4.0 DOHC VCT I6 91 RON from Australia and New Zealand


World class car assembled by blind monkeys


Engine mounts required replacement.

Idling and alternator belt bearings needed replacing.

Exhaust rattles.

Rust above driver door.

Tray drainage blocked and unable to be unblocked.

Smoke from exhaust (fixed with cleaning).

Crap plastic front bumper falling off after being hit into a pole at 3km/h.

General Comments:

The engine in this is an absolutely wonderful engine. It pulls hard at any RPM.

The gearbox has an impossibly high first gear, but the other three gears are nicely spaced. The semi-automatic never changes gears when I don't want it to in performance mode. Push to change down, pull to change up. The way it should be.

Not particularly well built, the cabin trim is falling apart and exterior lines are badly mismatched.

Front bumper very badly attached to car, and costs $600 replacement!!!

Seat cushions are worn out already, but all the different adjustments make them bearable.

Ford quoted $500 to clean the throttle body and injectors, as well as replacing the fuel filter. We declined and did it ourselves for $40 over a couple of hours.

The rear leaf springs are well calibrated, it feels well planted for a ute.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2009

2003 Ford Falcon XR6 4.0 i6 from Australia and New Zealand


Well rounded Aussie car


I had the diff go on me at 60k mark, but that's cause of the way that I do things some times, if you know what I mean.

General Comments:

It has tons of power. I was very surprised with that being that it's a straight 6, but that 180 kw packs a punch at 3500rpm, and with no traction control button it leaves nice black marks on the road.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008