2004 Ford Falcon BA XR6T Mk1 4.0 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap, big four door GT, which will leave most of the opposition in its wake


The driver's power window switches need replacing, as the driver's side back window switch doesn't work.

The roof headlining is beginning to come unglued, where it meets the windscreen.

The mechanic said that at the next service, the brake pads and front ball joints will need replacing, so they're on their way out.

General Comments:

A fun 320 horsepower GT for $13k, which can show most others a clean pair of heels at the traffic light derby.

I haven't driven a WRX or SS Commodore, or other cheap fast cars, so I can't compare the Falcon to them, but so far I have been very impressed by the big bruiser.

Critics say it doesn't go round corners too well, and the brakes are rubbish. I'm not a boy racer, so maybe they're right, but I've had no problems with cornering, or brake fade or shudder. With a nice glut of power available from 2000 RPM, overtaking is a breeze. You have to watch the speedometer though, as you can be way over the speed limit very quickly. Don't expect it to sip fuel either. It does like a drink, and I don't get much better than 17 litres per 100km in town, and maybe 13 litres per 100km on the highway.

The interior is not a bad place to be, and the standard ICE is adequate. The air con is nice and cold, however I wish climate control had been standard fitment. Cruise control is great for Australia's seemingly endless highways, and power windows are good for getting hot air out of the vehicle quickly.

If you're looking for a sports car, it is probably too big and unwieldy, however if you want a powerful grand tourer that can take five adults, I don't think you'd be disappointed.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2013

2004 Ford Falcon BA XT Mk2 4.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


BA = Brakes Abnormal


BA must stand for Brakes Abnormal!!!

Since the day I got this thing, until the day I traded it in, the brakes gave me absolute hell!

Brake shudder - problem since the day dot, lost count of how many times I had the rotors shaved, pads replaced etc etc.

Steering wheel shimmy at speed - wheel alignment, balance, suspension check and several others failed to identify the real culprit... you guessed it, the brakes. Insufficient clearance between brake booster and main cylinder = brakes dragging on wheels, hence the shimmy.

Squealing sound while moving - handbrake catching.

Rear wheel brake locked up - luckily only at low speed, but the rear brakes decided to completely lock and not release; Ford couldn't find anything wrong...

Massive clunking when you're selected reverse or when you put on the A/C., and some weird noise when turning the steering wheel at low speed.

Knocking sound and intermittent cluck thru the steering wheel - left it, was so over it, just traded it in.

General Comments:

When the car was working 100% properly, which was 5% of the time, it was nice, good performance, comfort and handling. On paper it's amazing value second hand.

Problem is there was always something getting on your nerves with this car, it could never just work properly. It was a ex-gov car, I took perfect care of it, only Ford did the servicing.

Fuel consumption around town not good at all; 14.5-15L/100km.

I so badly wanted to like this car, but in the end it wasn't worth it; traded it in, and as crazy as it sounds, it was like a weight off my shoulders, life changing almost.

Maybe it was just my car, my perfectly maintained car, that was a dud, but I cannot, with clear conscience, recommend one based on my experience to ANYONE... unless you're a mechanic!

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2010

7th Dec 2010, 03:49

My 2003 BA Falcon has done 130000 kms and the rotors are still original. At approx 65000 kms a new set of pads were added only as I had a slight shutter. I get approx 11 liters per 100k and on trip 8 per 100 @ 110 KPH.

31st Mar 2011, 02:55

My BA I Tonner has just clicked over 200,000.

The engine is fine on dual fuel Tartarini LPG injected gas and runs sweetly giving between 280 and 470 ks/55litre tank of LPG. Brakes are original, just starting to shudder now, due for a shave, one set of pads since purchase 2nd hand at 96,000.

Vehicle used 5 days a week as a courier. Diff/wheel bearings have suddenly started roaring and howling. Can someone tell me the ratio and will an earlier model diff bolt straight in? Mine is an 2005 model just before the BF. Is it likely to be wheel bearings or pinion/side gear bearings that have gone?