2nd Aug 2002, 17:01

Yep those door handles do that. I have an XF lowered 3inchs all round and man does it handle. I have problems with it bending push rods too if it gets a big rev! Overall good strong car.

13th Aug 2002, 04:42

I had a 1986 XF falcon a few years ago with the 3.3L engine. In the three years that I owned the car, I replaced three handles, two lights, four shocks, four springs, two clutches, reconditioned the engine, chemically cleaned the carburetter, replaced the fan, regased the air-conditioning, fixed the exhaust system and gave her four new tyres. After fixing all that, she was only worth $1,800.00. Needless to say I wasn't impressed.

30th Oct 2002, 01:30

Hey I have a XF Ford. Pretty strong car its the ugly Mustard Yellow Color. Need to lower it and extractors are on the way. Had a re-con engine put in it a month ago and the gear box was done about 7 months ago. so just a question why does my left wheel spin when doing stand still burnouts?? Any one e-mail me with any comments cheech_bastich@yahoo.com.

4th Mar 2003, 10:54

I just uploaded my review for my 1986 XF. They're a good car. I have never had any door handles bust on me. That might be because I'm always looking after it; you know, washing, waxing, dusting. I just love my Ford.

If you're having problems with your push rods bending, try adjusting your rockers; it's very easy. If you only have one wheel spinning on your diff, it would pay to take it apart & see what has slipped inside. A mate & I are starting up a Ford site soon when we get around to it. We hope to setup a help forum for XF fans. Till then, you can get me on MSN at zippyzee@hotmail.com. I like to help those who need it. Good on you for adding an 350 Holley to your UTE. Ya the man!

1st May 2003, 23:29

I'm 17. Dad gave me his old XF falcon (6 months ago) after practally no breakdowns I have broken 2 door handles, the windscreen water pump became blocked, the rear demister never worked and I blew the diff (tried to do a burnout).

Great car often referred to as "the Beast" but being young and poor I'm downgrading to a Barina for the sake of petrol which is about $60-70 a week. I'm going to miss "the Beast" and good advice is don't do burnouts in it because the diff+more cost me all up $725.

12th Jan 2005, 06:31

I also own a 1986 XF Falcon GL. My father bought it from new before I acuired it. The only trouble I have had with it is an oil leak at the rear of the motor block/head and replacing a few door handles. I then learnt if you drill out the part the latch swivels on and refit with a washer and screw they last for ever. Sure they are not worth a great deal of money now and I have bought an EL Futura Sapphire, but I won't get rid of my XF coz I luv it. Everything works fine including the Aircon and it's on gas. Good for shopping and dragging the boat to the boat ramp.

8th Apr 2005, 08:15

Just thought i'd like to make a complaint, why the hell are their so many Holden fans and barely any Ford fans?!! I'm 17 and not all that knowledgeable, but I know that Fords are a great car. My father owned a 1980 XD Falcon for 14 years (bought 1989 and sold in 2003) The only thing ever fixed or replaced was a radiator, 3 door handles, and replaced the quarter-light windows due to it being broken into. Otherwise it served it's 14 years and 400'000 kilometers very well. We later gave it away due to rust (never been sheltered). The car was so great I recently bought myself a white 1986 XF Falcon Sedan as my first car-lowered, mags, new shockies, tinting, extractors, 3" sports exhaust, new MP3 CD player etc and drives beautifully, even though i'd like to get power steering!!! Sorry for rambling too long... to be continued... Dane.

15th Apr 2005, 07:59

Hey I just got an 84 XF Spack a week ago and she's an absolute beast. The suspension is all new, shocks, springs, and other components, It has an EFI engine with 2 inch exhaust (sounds great) a heavy duty V8 radiator, 12 slotter mags and an LSD Diff to handle the pressure of burnouts!!! It's a really fast car and I just love it.


Andrew May.

P.S it also came with a broken door handle what joy!!!

13th May 2006, 22:17

I live in Canterbury, New Zealand. Managed to get a 86 XF GL Falcon, 3.3 litre, 5 speed manual, power steering. All for the low price of NZ$700. I'm the 3rd owner. It's mint. The only thing wrong with it is a 5mm white paint line down the left hand side, back left indicator, back left bumper and a wee bit of rust. Nothing that a good couple of hours to fix. Debating as to fit a EFI, blower or turbo. :D Lowering it a few inches. It handles well enough now. The steering lock is a bit of a pain and its only on 205 tyres. im_in@hotmail.com.

8th Dec 2006, 01:44

Could someone please tell me, on the easiest way to get the water pump out of an '87 xf falcon. The shroud around the fan and extra attachments on the fan make it near on bloody impossible, without taking the whole front end off.

7th Jul 2007, 21:27

I also own a 1987 XF Falcon; I think they are great,

Mine has a rebuilt engine, a ZL Fairlane Dash. I swapped it from a carby motor to a rebuilt EFI motor, tinted the taillights, added 12 slot rims, and an EL Shift handle.

13th Jul 2007, 19:15

I recently bought an 87 XF Fairmont Ghia. I am the second owner of the car, and since buying it, I have lowered it 2 inches, sport exhaust, extractors, magnum rims and a CD player. I was just wondering if anyone knew about any modifications you can do to the car to make it look just that little bit better? Matt.

19th Jan 2008, 23:03

I've got an 86 XF and I'm sick to death of going through all the door handles, so I've bought some new bushes for the hinges to prevent the door from 'falling' on the latch. Got the damn door off (not easy), only to find the pin holding the hinges together can't be removed, at least not without breaking it. Not happy. Any clues?

21st Mar 2008, 08:07

Stop complaining about the door handles folks. Just leave the windows open & gain entry & exit through them, Dukes of Hazzard style! Yeeehaaah!

7th Apr 2008, 03:30

I still have my XF, so far I have changed the fuel sender, change the front and back shocks, changed the gear stick retainer, changed the drivers door and about to change the radiator. As for broken handles.. I'm sure it will happen soon.

13th Dec 2008, 23:18

I have an XF Panelvan, lowered with 19inch Ba GTP wheels, EFi motor, LSD diff, Starwars dash and Fairlane seats and doors (electric windows and mirrors). All I need to get now is some XG XR6 headlights, but they're #$%^in expensive.

All you have to do to stop breaking door handles is remove the spring in the door (it's way too strong for the door) and adjust them up real good, and they will never ever break!

7th Jan 2010, 06:56

Got me a 87 Ghia, 3rd owner with 93,000 on the clock, he's mint to say the least and a pleasure to drive, got pedders super lows all round with pedders sports shocks. Man does he handle.

Yes, he is a he, which I've named Stanley, soon to be known as Stan when we drop the big block in.

No broken handles as yet, but he's still young in Kms years, in short I love it.

Tom ps Xfalcon awesome club site.

25th Sep 2016, 03:38

Just brought an XF GL station wagon. Need to know as I'm doing it all originally a few things. It's a 1986 model auto, but I don't know the engine litre size; also it has a two tone paint job, blue and light blue.