13th Nov 2004, 05:21

I have had my 1995 EF Falcon for a while and the only problem I have had is that the backlash adjusters have started to make noise, but this can be rectified quite easily.

I have 225/50 r16 tyres on the car and it seems to handle traction quite well, but if you really want the wheels to go it is easily done. I think these cars are a good buy even if you have to repair a few things. They have great torque and are a great car if you want a bit of performance at a reasonably low price.

9th Jul 2008, 18:56

I bought a 1995 Falcon EF when I arrived in Australia, for $3500 - best car buy ever. The rear wheels are very easy to spin in the wet, but that is caused by the torque generated by a 4 Litre big 6 - nothing to complain about. The common problem of Automatic transmission slipping (revving engine with no drive to wheels) when cold can be alleviated by ensuring you top up transmission fluid, checking lower level on stick when the engine is cold. When the engine warms up the fluid expands and drive is returned. This is a maintenance problem, not a defect.

Hope this helps Ford thinking drivers.

Cheers, Al (Sydney)

5th Feb 2009, 16:26

Hey.. I've owned 2 EF's, one Futura and one Fairmont, which I currently still have, and apart from general wear and tear they are reliable, comfortable and safe family cars.

I must admit that rear traction can be a problem, which I had found in my Futura (which had standard wheels). My Fairmont on the other hand has 235/45 R17's and it's so stable on the road. Kangaroo's will be the end of these cars though. :) I hit one in the Futura and stuffed the entire front ending up making it a write-off. Mind you it was taller than the car and I was doing 110km/h when I hit it. The airbags came out with some force LOL.

26th Sep 2009, 22:34

Hey... I agree the EF falcon is a very reliable car, as a red P - plater I am very impressed with the power/ torque.

I have had to recently replace the radiator, also the electric fan had too much play which had to be replaced, and the thermostat was removed for what reason I do not know, but that is all fixed now.

I have noticed that the big old Falcon likes to get its rear out, but is completely controllable.

I would like to know if I need to do any body work to fit a set of 235/45 r17?? I've been told I need spacers to fit these rims...

28th Sep 2009, 02:50

I've had a 96 EL for the last five years now, and when I got it, it was in amazing condition, both mechanically, interior and body wise. However, it seems that not even regular servicing for both major and minor issues has been enough to keep it running. Engine wise they are great cars, but it seems that this is not so much the case when it comes to things like the aircon, auto trans, brakes and power steering. I guess I must have just had the unfortunate luck of purchasing a lemon, judging by how well everyone else's are going. On the up side, when it does go, it drives beautifully, but now, I think it's time to cut my losses and try my luck with a BA.

21st May 2010, 13:22

This car is still going!!! Have replaced a couple more brake light switches, the radiator due to a leak and the fuel pump. Now at 308,000km. The car has been sitting in storage for the last 3 years. Recently removed from storage and started first time after sitting for 3 years with the help of a new battery. Front brake rotors and exhaust system due to be replaced. Apart from that, it's still going strong.

13th Aug 2010, 05:51

I have a 95 EF, and I bought it at 255 000 kms. It was running good, but I could feel there was a bit of power loss. After driving the car, then stopping the car for a period of around 15 minutes, it started and drove off, and for about 10 seconds would drive like it was misfiring. Replaced coil pack, spark plugs and leads, and now it runs even worse. Put the throttle down a inch and it goes alright, push the throttle a little further and it just dies. Replacing the fuel pump now, but I think it will be more than just that.

Anyone that knows anything about what's wrong, please leave a message. Thanks.

19th Aug 2010, 07:27

Sounds like leak in the vacuum pipe.

24th Oct 2010, 21:08

I have just bought an EF Series I Fairmont, 126,000km for $3450 AUD. Drives fantastic!

Love it, however at heart I'm still a Holden person, I just can't drive my supercharged Calais International until I'm on my fulls :-(

19th Nov 2010, 22:51

My EF Falcon is not reading how much petrol is in the tank?? It says there is three quarters remaining, but I know there isn't. Can I fix it myself???

2nd Oct 2011, 11:34

I own a 96 EF Falcon. The problem I have is when I've got the power button on, it hesitates and then slams into gear. Should I put in new fluid and replace the filter?

8th Nov 2011, 15:03

I also had a problem with what I thought was the transmission slipping. I simply got a new inhibitor switch and never looked back.

1st Aug 2015, 00:54

I have an EFII Futura, and occasionally it will spin the wheels on tight windy uphill roads in the wet; it's just the torque. Even with 235s on it. I agree it's driver error if they lose control on fast flat corners etc. These are powerful cars with not the best of suspension set ups, though they were vastly improved in the EFIIs and ELs. Awesome long distance cruisers, and even though they are getting pretty old now, I wouldn't have anything else.