16th Jan 2005, 23:50

Guess What? Just got the car back from the service to rectify the Steering and Suspension, steering still not fixed and said we need a new muffler. I'll down grade my Excellent comment to terrible and not made for the long haul.

29th Apr 2005, 03:34

Strange how a car with 'precise steering' now floats all over the road!

17th Jun 2005, 05:29

The car steers perfectly, but along a highway it's like its floating when the road rises. The car is now up to 95,000km, company policy says it should be kept until 150,000km, but this recently changed to 90,000km or 3 years, we have to wait until October though. Probably be replaced with a BA Mk 2 0r 3 depending on completion of order, I want to get a Subaru Outback or Toyota Kluger instead, but looks unlikely.

17th Aug 2005, 02:49

We have just hit 100,000km and hopefully will upgrade to the BF Falcon, anyone else hit over 100,000km with a BA and does anyone know if the wagon has a future in the range?

9th Dec 2005, 07:38

The big Falcon has gone, 115,000km, despite small problems, some not so small, I'm going to miss it, in the driveway now sits a sparkling Lightning Strike BF Futura with only 100.00km. I'll miss the BA.

8th Jul 2007, 23:47

I'm about to buy a BA Falcon ute 4 litre 2002 & have heard about some problems; should I buy or should I go?


8th Sep 2008, 08:33

Just had my BA in for a service 60 000. Told them had a banging noise in the right rear of car. Out come. When replacing the hole diff from axle to axle. They discovered a broken bolt that helps to hold the leafs together. Car no longer jumps to the side when over taking. BUT now they over adjusted the handbrake. Back to ford again. Thank god for extended warranty's. They should pay us for lost of time having our cars in their workshops. Also power steering has vibration noise in it, only happening every now and then, when parking. Heater in car does not work. The heating rods are plastic not like old cars they were metal. Ask them to fix that to. Still waiting. Must take my car back for a friendly visit again. So how much fun is everyone else having. My next car will be a old hilux.

5th Oct 2008, 09:37

Hey guys. I have a BA Falcon 2002. It has only done 90000 kms, but the heater doesn't work?? Any idea's. I'll get it checked, but just wondering if anyone could help till then. It's the same temp from 'freezing' to 'boiling'...


10th Feb 2009, 22:41

Hi, we have a BA Futura which had really bad shuddering when braking. Took it to FORD DEALERSHIP, outcome from them "IT'S NORMAL FOR BA FUTURA". Well that's not good enough. 3 times we were told this by FORD. We went out and bought new rotors and replaced them ourselves (couldn't trust ford) and hey presto no more shudder whilst braking. But yet FORD told us the shudder was normal, more like sucker you bought it, now put up with it. My advice - buy new rotors and replace yourself (2hr job). A mechanic charges for 6hrs.