1991 Ford Festiva L from North America


A great price for a tiny car


I needed a new battery at 130,000 miles.

The alternator went out shortly after I replaced the battery, at around 130,250 miles.

The back brakes are starting to go out and need to be replaced.

There were some shorts in the wiring from the alternator to the battery that I had to repair.

General Comments:

This car is my first car, and I can't really complain because it was free.

It is really good on gas, it takes around 11 dollars to fill my tank.

I have had a lot of problems with the wires from the alternator to the battery breaking.

I was told by a store representative that my year of festiva was "imported" therefore, it would have cost a large sum to purchase a new alternator for it. I chose to purchase a alternator from a junk yard. It was in perfect condition and only cost around 45 dollars.

Overall-My festiva gets me from place to place most of the time, and it hasn't been such a bad little car.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2003

1991 Ford Festiva GL 1.3L from North America


A great reliable, economical little car!


Tire shop over-torqued the lug nuts and warped the rotors.

Replaced rear brake drums.

Wheel bearings replaced by previous owner.

Needs new tail light bulb.

Interior overhead light and cigarette lighter/12 Volt socket have not worked since I bought the car.

Radio loses preset stations - there is some type of short in the wiring.

General Comments:

This car is very quick at accelerating, despite it's small engine. The fuel economy is incredible. I get about 30 mpg, mostly driving about town. A couple of small plastic pieces have broken in the interior of the vehicle, such as the window crank, seat buckle holder and seat adjustment lever. The reliability of this car is amazing. I live in a very cold climate and I've never been stranded by this little car. The cost of ownership has been extremely low - nearly free. I purchased the car for $800 almost four years ago and I have not had any major repairs. Everyone at work makes fun of my car, but they'll have to pry my cold, dead hands from the steering wheel before I give it up.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2003

1991 Ford Festiva L from North America


Festiva equals perfection!


The material the seats are made of is of very poor quality, thus it tears and shreds quite easily.

The catalytic converter cover had to be removed due to excessive rust at 77,500 miles.

The fan broke at 77,000 miles, and was quite expensive to repair because the part is no longer manufactured and it was difficult to locate a used piece.

General Comments:

This car gets excellent gas mileage: 42 mpg!

Also, it is very easy to park in tight spots or make your own spot due to the small size.

The cabin is tiny and the seats are uncomfortable.

Even though this car is small, I feel very safe when driving on the freeway. It handles speed limits of 65 mph very well.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003

12th Jun 2003, 18:19

Yes Festiva's are wonderful little cars, but if you want something more refined along the same lines try the Ford Aspire they are not as quick as the Festiva, but its a lot nicer car for the money.

1991 Ford Festiva L 4 cylinder from North America


Money well spent on a very reliable ride!


I bought the car on 12/10/2002 for $300.

It needed a headlight and marker light to pass inspection. Kinda expensive at over $100 just for used headlight. Got both of then from a you remove junkyard for $38.00. Not bad, $348 in car. Then the battery went out, another $52.00 for that. Went to fill the tank, $8.60 for a fill up! WOW, can't wait to see how long that lasts.

General Comments:

So far with a bit over 200 miles I have put on it I have had no problems. The heat didn't work for a bit, but does now. Just started up after a week of driving and freezing in it. Its kinda slow and tires roar between 50 and 60 mph. Over 60 and they kinda catch up and quiet down. It zips along easily at 70 mph. I don't like being seen in it, but cheaper then anything else I could buy. I love having a title in my hands and not a payment book. FIgure I will drive it till it falls apart or till I find my toyota 4x4 SR5 truck. :)

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Review Date: 31st December, 2002