1991 Ford Festiva GL 1.3 Litre from North America


It's my tuna can on wheels


Last week I had to replace the starter. It cost $100 to buy the part.

I had to replace the front wiper blades last weekend.

Both front CV joints were replaced about 150000 miles. Tires were replaced last November.

The heater doesn't work. It hasn't worked since I got the car in early July 2002.

General Comments:

It only costs me like $10 to fill up the tank. I get about 35 miles per gallon (the fuel injectors are dirty).

The seats aren't the most comfortable in the world, but they do the job.

It's impossible to find hubcaps for the 12" wheels.

It's a great little car. It's so easy to find a little parking spot.

Mine doesn't have power steering, air conditioning, or power breaks.

The back is actually pretty roomy in the back when the seat is folded up against the front seats. I use it like a little pick-up truck. It's a great place for the dogs to hang out.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

1991 Ford Festiva L 1.3 EFI from North America


The cheapest Honda Civic you'll ever buy


The wheel bearings have needed replacing twice, and need to be replaced again.

The upholstery wore out fairly quickly.

It has just begun smoking a bit in the last month (171,000 miles). I believe it's in need of new valve seals.

General Comments:

I used the car to deliver pizza for three years, beating it badly in the process, but aside from tires, brake pads, and wheel bearings, nothing has had to be replaced -- not even the clutch.

The car is extremely peppy, and still gives me at least 42mpg on every tank of gas.

It has started at the first turn of the key since day one.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001

1991 Ford Festiva L 1.3 from North America


Peppy, fun, reliable, extremely cheap car


The seats are deteriorating.

Foot pedals need new covers.

General Comments:

I can't call any of the above faults, as this is just normal wear that you would expect with a well traveled 10 year old vehicle.

This car was my first brand new vehicle and I bought it for the great gas mileage and low cost of the vehicle; ($7000). It is so fun to drive; it doesn't matter that it is so small, this actually makes accidents easy to avoid since I can easily get out of the way. There are no blind spots either, so have never missed having a passenger side mirror.

I enjoyed my car from the beginning, but certainly never expected to have such a strong emotional attachment to her. She has been there for me through thick and thin; starting on the first turn of the key for over 10 years now. I am hoping that in the near future this car will be reintroduced in the U.S.A. In the meantime, I will be driving my "friend" until she wears out.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2001

1991 Ford Festiva L from North America


Not the most exciting car, but it is affordable and reliable!


CV axle joints went bad around 93,000 miles.

Muffler keeps rusting out (the small engine does not get hot enough to evaporate the water in the muffler). I am on my 3rd one and am thankful for Tuffy's Lifetime Warranty :-)

Exhaust pipes rusted in numerous places between 135,000 and 140,000 miles.

The front brakes have given me problems, but not more than any other car I have previously owned.

General Comments:

The proper tire size (R12/145 - not 155) are hard to find.

Rust on the engine and undercarriage is quite rampant.

I love the gas mileage in this time of high fuel costs (34-38 miles per gallon).

Parking spaces are easy to find and/or make.

It does not like cold mornings. My advice is to keep it in a garage if you live in the Arctic north (Ohio).

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Review Date: 13th August, 2001

15th Jun 2005, 22:44

I have owned my '91 Festiva L for over three years, and never ever had problems starting it in our Montana winters, where 20 below is not uncommon.

28th Jun 2005, 08:54

I am looking to buy a 1990 festiva for $400canadian. I hope it starts in cold days because I'm from Northern Ontario, where -30degrees Celcius IS common. BRRRR!!!