31st Aug 2006, 10:10

I just bought a 1993 Ford Festiva Sport... I can complain on what its already saving me... I paid 250.00 for mine with 138,300 miles.. All I needed to do was replace the brakes and get an oil change... The only problem I'm having is the fact that I cannot find the fill hole for the Gear oil.. Any ideas if the cars oil lubricates that or do I need the 80/90 gear oil...

11th Sep 2006, 22:38

KIA is trash, I looked at their Sorento, there is no rear bumper (no metal what-so-ever!

Behind the extremely thin plastic facial (bumper) is the spare tire laying horizontal.

The spare is the impact zone for the rear of the vehicle!

Furthermore, the entire new vehicle reeked of a smell i remember in the past when i was a youth; MATTELL plastic toys!

You can keep your plastic - tin garbage!

31st Dec 2006, 09:59

As great as Festivas are, they are plagued by the fact that they were cheap cars to buy new and even cheaper buy used vis-a-vis the competition. That means that people who knew nothing about cars owned a lot of them and just beat the hell out of them without doing proper maintenance.

Your story, to me, sounds like the car might have been abused prior to you acquiring it at 76K, as there are many stories of Festivas lasting a long time without the issues you cite.

I loved my 93 Festiva the seven years I owned it. And my hat is off to you for your commute you did with the car. I've done a similar trip many times in different cars (San Francisco to Newport Beach) but never ventured it with my Festiva.

As you noted, the best thing is to keep the car for spares and search for another Festiva.

8th Feb 2007, 21:04

My wife bought our Festiva before we met. It is a 93 and now has almost 300k miles on it. These cars are very easy to work on and maintain. I drive it to and from work everyday. I drive an average of 100 miles each day. The most recent repair was due to a blown head gasket. I had the block broke down, cleaned, taken to the machine shop and back in the car in less than 6 hours. The car hasn't run this good ever. It increased my mpg to almost 50. Before that the wheel bearings went out while I was traveling down the highway. I was able to limp to the next exit and into a auto store where I bought the bearing, grease, lock nut, and cap for less than $20. I jacked the car up and fixed it using nothing more than a hammer, screwdriver, and pair of vise-grips completed the repair in under 45 min and was on my way. In all I now have replaced all 4 bearings inside and out, put a new muffler on, and upgraded the dome light and headlights in addition to regular oil, tire, and normal maintenance. You can't beat these cars.

12th Jul 2007, 07:18

Well I have a 1989 Festiva LX with 3 speed auto. It currently has 269k on it, and the engine and trans are still running strong.

I just recently had some front end problems with it, and am debating whether or not I want to spend the 400$ to put new tie rods and balljoints on it. If it were any other car, I would not do so, but this little car has surprised me with its longevity and durability. So I am fairly confident that I can get another 100k out of it.

Numerous people claim to have gotten 400k or more, so maybe I will too?? Go little festy!!!

12th Sep 2007, 03:00

I just sold my 92 Festiva with 72000 miles on it for $1200. It was in great condition with an automatic transmission, AC, and Rear Defroster. Would have liked to keep the car, but with 4 small kids, it never got used. The car never failed me, even in the middle of the winters in North Dakota. It was easy to work on and parts were usually inexpensive (not that I ever needed many). Hopefully the new owner will appreciate it and the mileage it makes.

12th Feb 2008, 21:28

So I'm curious, did you purchase the 1993 festiva???

7th Mar 2008, 23:49

Re the Festy at $300, if you didn't buy it, where's it at <G>

8th Mar 2008, 19:25

Now it's at the salvage yard, under a '85 Dodge Aries.

15th Mar 2008, 17:52

You should've bought it, put a rebuilt motor in it and driven it for ten more years! I am buying a 92 with 213000 miles on it for 700 bucks and I am sure it will run on into my kids teenage years!!!

15th Jun 2008, 12:31

I bought a 1993 Festiva in 2005 for $450.00. It had only 65,000 miles on it.

It needed a new exhaust system and a windshield for state inspection. The total cost for parts and inspection -- $300.00.

So, for $750.00, I have a car that runs like a top and averages 45 M.P.G.

I now have had the car 3 years and have spent $175.00 on repairs plus regular maintenance.

It's like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps on going and going. It's a shame they don't make them any more, but what the heck, I don't need a new one.

18th Jun 2008, 12:47

I just bought a 1989 Festiva L for $500 from a friend who was too embarassed to be seen it in! It has 116,000 miles. It's not the prettiest car, but I love it!! My hubby is putting new tires on it, a few dry-rotted from the car sitting in my friend's driveway for a year. It's hard to find 12 inch tires, and we thought we might have to go with 13 inch but didn't want to have to buy new wheels. So after much searching, we ended up at a Ford dealership, who had to order them for us. I've seen 12 inch tires on Ebay also, but we decided to stick with Ford in our hometown. One of the servicemen at Ford told my hubby that they are working on a new Festiva, set to come out in either 2010 or 2012. I doubt it will compare to the original Festiva, and will probably cost twice as much.

31st Jul 2010, 09:03

I bought a beat up Festiva 5 years ago for $600. I replaced the broken windshield, sanded and spray painted the interior panels, made some seat covers, and did some painting on the beat up side (it had been in a side swipe accident). The transmission had to be rebuilt when it his 230,000 miles and nothing else has come up since. I did upgrade to 13 inch tires since 12 inch tires aren't made anymore. It drastically improved the drive and handling.

I'm now pushing 300,000 miles, and I wouldn't trade this car for any new car on the market today. I can do most repairs myself, it sips gas, and with the flip down seat and hatchback, I can carry all my camping gear and my dog no problem, and I can always find the tiny thing in the parking lot.

23rd Jul 2013, 21:47

Drove two of them. The first one was t-boned on the driver's side at 35 mph. The second one got rear ended at 65mph while stopped at a red light. I've got pictures to prove it. If could get my hands on one today, I wouldn't hesitate. Good little cars. Wish they would make a comeback.

28th Jan 2014, 19:58

Transmission oil fill. You disconnect the speedometer cable, remove hold down bolt and remove the gear housing. Low and full marks are on the housing; both the automatic and the straight drives use automatic transmission fluid.