2nd Nov 2005, 09:02

Hmm. For the record, I drive a '96 Toyota Tercel coupe, bought in 2003 with 87,000 miles for $1450, which in my estimation was a much better buy than your 129K mile 93 Festiva for $1200 in 2005. It now has 113K miles and the only things I have had to do to it have been replacement of front brake pads and fuel pump. And no, it does not look like a refugee from the junkyard and the a/c still works. I do not own an SUV and could think of much better ways to spend $30K.

This site is supposed to be for reviews of cars based on owner's experiences with them. You just got your Festiva and have little or no experience with it to report on, but you have already posted a "review" and at least one comment on another review. Your "ratings" are suspect because they are obviously based on your expectation that the Festiva will be a good car. For your sake, I hope it is, but why don't you post a comment here after you have put, say, 15-20K miles on your car? Then it will be a more accurate assessment of your car's strengths and weaknesses, which is the whole purpose of this site.

2nd Nov 2005, 20:52

$1,450 for a 1996 Toyota Tercel with 87K was a good buy in 2003, but I bet you get 30-35 MPG on the highway. Personally, I love all Japanese cars especially the Toyota. I never said your Toyota was a refugee from the Junk Yard, I assume it is a well kept vehicle, considering the fact that you paid $1,450 for it. My Festiva was worth what I paid for it because it is in nice shape, it drives nice, it's comfortable, it gets great Gas Mileage, it can hold a lot of cargo for such a small car, the Engines in these cars can get up past the 500,000 mile mark before they decide to give out, and I am sure I could make a profit if I decided to re-sell it, which I won't. I'll admit, I should have waited before posting a review. I've put about 10 miles on the car since I have bought it if that helps, lol. I still think that the Ford Festiva is a loyal friend until the end... of time that is.

20th Nov 2005, 19:44

I just bought a '93 Festiva also. First tank got 40.1 mpg. Every tank since has improved. Last tank got 49.2 mpg. The car is also easy and cheap to fix. If I don't care about gas, it'll do 85 mph with the A/C on. Best $850 I ever spent.

28th Nov 2005, 21:39

Hello, I am the gentleman who posted this review. Wouldn't doing 85 with your 1993 Festiva redline the Engine? I have done 80 with mine and I wouldn't dare push her past her limitations. Believe it or not, I have beat many V6 vehicles on the expressway, roads, etc. I also beat a Semi Hauler. You are very lucky that $850 was all you have had to invest into your Festy. I have invested over $2,500 into mine and it still needs more repairs. I bought my car on eBay and I got taken to the Cleaners so to speak. The moron who sold it to me for $1,426 lied through his teeth and my Mechanic has had to replace the Radiator, the Engine Fan, the Thermostat, the Wiring, the Fuses, the Front Brakes, the Master Cylinder, the Left Control Arm, and the Tie Rod Ends which a different Mechanic replaced before I took over ownership of the car. The Engine however has not given me any trouble though and I get about 30 MPG on the Highway and in the City. You must have a Manual Shift Festiva if you are getting 40-49 MPG. The Automatic ones do not get the greatest Gas Mileage, but it's better than driving a V6 that gulps gas down. I love my Festiva and I now have almost 129,600 miles on it. Good luck with yours.

11th Dec 2005, 11:32

Hi, I bought a 92 Festiva a couple of months ago for $150. It only needed a windshield & front rotors to get it roadworthy. I bought it with intents of pulling the gas engine and putting in an electric motor (I can recharge at work for free). Anyway, the car runs so well and with 35-40 mpg (1.3L, 5 speed) I don't have the heart to yank the engine yet. I'm now trying to find another Festiva for the electric conversion. It's great to not drive my Chevy K1500 pickup every day (12-14 mpg) and now my wallet has more money in it each week!

8th Jan 2006, 15:55

I have a 95 Ford Aspire, which was the replacement for the Festiva and manufactured 94-97. For anyone thinking of buying one of these little cars I have lots good to say and a caution as well. The car is a gem, it was given to me by a family with a new baby who had to step up in size. The car drives great, is very stingy on fuel (5 Speed) and runs as quiet as I've heard a car run. For the price these cars can be snatched up for, I say go for it, they work great and are reliable. Now, the word of caution, these cars have tiny suspension parts that tended to wear prematurely. Because they were only made for 4 years the parts are just not readily available over the counter at your local parts store. One case in point, the lower ball joints! They are part of the lower control arm assembly, can't be bought as separate items and are super expensive from the dealer. Also, every car I have found so far in a wrecking yard has had bad ball joints as well. New from Ford is the only way to go it seems. Before you buy one of these cars, check the suspension over well through your mechanic. Also, gas tanks seem to be another bad part for corrosion and are equally difficult to find.

Hope this helps.


Kingston, On


15th Jan 2006, 22:01

Well, I have a 1988 Ford Festiva I successfully swapped a V-6 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo J motor and converted it to AWD. I run low 8's in the quarter mile and I haven't been beat yet. Quick little car.

16th Jan 2006, 08:03

Assuming you really did put a Supra engine in your Festiva, and, um, converted it to AWD... what does that have to do with the performance of a stock Festiva?

16th Jan 2006, 10:08

Hey, do you remember the SHOgun? Some company took at Taurus SHO engine (made by Yamaha) and mounted it amidships in a Festiva. Killer car. Sounds like yours is even faster.

2nd Feb 2006, 09:07

I purchased a 1993 festiva new. It cost $6,300 including tax. I averaged 43 mpg for 5 years. The only problem I had with this car was at about 160,000 the rear bearings were replaced and after that, it lost it's grease twice. Might have been a mechanic problem. I kept it until it had 230,000, it still ran strong.

I got screwed when I traded it in, I was told I'd get $300, they gave me $100.

I should've kept it! Now I wish I had kept it, I'd love to have restored it.

I used to buy four tires for $100 or less at Sears, they used those tires as the come on price you see in the ads. Cheap car, cheap car to maintain.