1990 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A brilliant little car


Only age-related problems:

New exhaust system needed when purchased

Rear brake pads

Leaking oil sump

Rotten sills

Rear arches and petrol cap area beginning to rust (typical Mk3 Fiesta)

General Comments:

An absolute cracker of a first car; my Fiesta was always totally reliable, it never let me down. I love the design of the MK3 Fiesta; it looks great from the outside and the interior is simple, but well laid out.

Being a 999cc engine with 4 gears, acceleration is not wonderful, but it would happily do 80mph, 90 at a push. It does take a lot of oil, but works hard. It is noisy, but comfortable.

Handling is good, but not with rear passengers in the wet!

A brilliant little car, I always felt totally in control. I'll forever regret the day I pulled out in front of an escort van, alas, my Fiesta is no more.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2002

11th Apr 2004, 13:52

The writer of this review sadly defaced this cars image, hence the "alas my fiesta is no more". He then gave the car to me, I repaired it - new wing, front panels/bumpers/lights and it's great, then I dropped out the 4 speed box and put in a 5 speed.

The TLM single choke carb has gone and has been replaced by a twin choke Weber. Finally when the petrol camp bubbled away, it's been cut out and repaired. To hide the rust arches, the car has been kitted with XR2i kit/alloy wheels.

Still the 999cc engine, but now it will do 98mph, which is nice!

1990 Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Gets you to the supermarket and back


Thermostat went at 35k.

Nothing else except tyres + wipers

General Comments:

A superb A to B solution. Parking's easy and running costs are comforting. This is an ideal first car and mine was 100% reliable too. The build quality was fine and servicing was easy and cheap.

Did its job of moving (slowly) from place to place, but I did find the lack of power annoying and very tedious at times. The 1.1 is very reliable and cheap to run, but don't have any delusions about it being quick off the mark. I was often out dragged by Cortina's and old men in Toyota Corolla's! The MKIII Fiesta's a cute design though and is always smiling at you - so can't get that cross with it, even if you need to change down to 2nd for most hills!

Now driving a Capri 2.0 Laser - with oodles more attitude!

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

1990 Ford Fiesta XR2i 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A good one will out run most things at the lights... mine does


It was standard when I first got it.

I put new suspension, brakes, gear box oil, Magnex exhaust, K&N induction kit, changed the tappets - Castrol magnet oil (it likes that, no fully synthetic, it doesn't run properly), cam belt (a must), decent coolant and a tune up (with a little more petrol programmed in), and I will test anyone, no jugging, no shudder... but even after a new clutch it still plays up a little...

General Comments:

I have fitted Recaros.

It is very quick and these cars where made for an after market exhaust and filter as Ford made the originals as part of the "restrictive powermods".

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Review Date: 9th September, 2001

1990 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.1 carb from UK and Ireland


Not much actually...

2 oil leaks.

Reversing light bulb.

Rust (here, there and everywhere!)

Engine very noisy.

'Chugging' when cold in first/second/third gear (in wet/cold conditions mainly).

General Comments:

Overall, it's fairly economical, quite low insurance and good miles per gallon.

Don't know why it occasionally 'chugs' on cold/wet mornings (it disappears after a few miles).

Engine very loud - I'm told it's the tappets (what can be done about it?)

Average equipment, though the seats look a bit cheap.

Rust below front/rear bumpers, around the petrol cap, and rear wheel arches.

Performance is embarrassing. Won't go over 65 MPH! And takes an age to get there too! (Though quite nippy around town)

I travel in it Monday-Friday and it starts first time and runs pretty well (except chugging and noisy tappets).

Good as a first car/runaround.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2001