1990 Ford Fiesta CLX 1.1i from Slovakia


Reliable, low running costs - best first car I could ever wish for :)


Exhaust pipe felt down because it rusted through.

Catalytic converter did not work well enough after those years and kilometers.

Car body is very vulnerable to rust.

But generally nothing serious.

General Comments:

Change oil regularly, make sure it has enough cooling fluid and it will work for you reliably for a long time and distances.

Very good fuel consumption - I never got it over 7 l/100km, normally 5,5 l/100km and in extra economy driving for long distance I have had 4,7 l/100km.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2010

1990 Ford Fiesta XR2i 1.6 cvh from UK and Ireland


Bags of fun with retro styling


Usual rust around rear wiper, only just started.

Petrol cap has rust starting to snake through.

Rocker cover gasket went, £30 to fix.

Battery is a bit tired.

Clock has died, got a new one from the scrap yard.

Usual wear and tear.

General Comments:

Performance is great for an 8v, better than my 1.6 zetec Si. mileage is genuine so it drives like new.

Has missed its early recall so the air flow sensor is inside the air box which can mean a choppy ride at times.

Really good on fuel if you drive sensible, easily 100 miles for £10 at 91p a litre.

Could do with a lights on buzzer as well as later spec seats like the 16v version or the Si.

The trim is amazing, it screams 1990's at you!

Its been garaged all its life so its clean, I've no garage and it's a ford so the tin worm has started to creep in pretty quick! a trip to the body shop in in order to nip it in the bud.

The car is a head turner, its 16 years old and you don't see many around anymore, it also attracts attention from the police who tend to think you've stolen it.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2006

3rd Sep 2006, 08:44

I've since had the ball-joints replaced, which on a mk3 means new lower arms!

The petrol cap also seized meaning I had to give ford

11th Jun 2007, 14:34

Funny car this. I've now gone back to the original interior as I discovered I prefer it grey and neon blue.

Mileage is now 53k, the original exhaust gave up and has been replaced after 17 years. more wishbones for this years mot, must stop driving it hard.

Rust is growing on my once mint xr2i, rear wiper has a nice patch and some has started to creep around the the wheel arch body kit.

Some lady in a passat drove into me while I was stationary, the front is now wonky on one side, that makes me upset.

It passed its MOT again this year will no advisories (once I'd fitted wishbones) and has yet to be welded, which is good for a 17 year old fiesta.

Come next year I'll have qualified as a nurse and hopefully I'll be able to give the xr2i the full rebuild it deserves.

5th Dec 2008, 08:34

Still on the road. Has hit 64k, now being used as a second car. The XR2i now lives under a blanket!

The seats have been swapped for Recaros, which match the trim. lots more comfort.

I have also lowered the car 35mm on a set of spax shockers/springs, adds to the handling.

The car failed its MOT on its steering rack, so that was swapped for a later spec one, which is less turns per lock. This makes the steering sharper.

I have also had a full stainless exhaust added. Nothing chavvy, a nice 3" tailpipe.

In terms of bodywork the car is slowly rotting. I'm saving up to get it resprayed with new rear arches and front and rear valance.

It is still yet to see a welders torch. :-)

1990 Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good Economical workhorse


Minor Oil leak since purchase.

Fan belt snapped at 85,000 miles.

Exhaust fell off at 97,000 miles.

Slight rust appearing around wheel arches.

General Comments:

An excellent workhorse for three years, this car was an excellent purchase.

Reliable, this car always starts quickly. And can be trusted on long journeys.

The car prefers mild dry weather, and doesn't perform well in the cold until the engine has had a chance to warm up.

Once warm, the engine reacts fast and can be surprisingly nippy, although (as one would expect), heavier loads dramatically affect performance.

However, if you are light-footed, the car is very economic and will achieve better than 50 miles to the gallon. Parts and insurance are also cheap.

For a small car, it can carry quite a lot of luggage and has numerous places to store useful items.

The interior is basic, though the LX model comes with a four speaker stereo, sunroof and a fifth gear (all of which are well recommended!)

Controls and instruments are simple, no-frills, no-nonsense and all still work.

Note: This car does 'not' like severe rain conditions (floods!) which cause the engine to lurch and misfire. But then - what car does?

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005