1991 Ford Fiesta Bonus 999cc from UK and Ireland


Cheap, quicker than other cars its size, and most of all, fun


Nothing yet, nearside wing mirror mounting/adjustment rod is broken (down to my nephew apparently) so that flaps about a bit, either I can see myself, or the car next to me at lights can see himself.

General Comments:

Having come from a Rover Metro, (998cc) my first car, and having driven an S reg Honda Civic (1.5), I've found that the Fiesta is the most fun car I've driven yet, sure it doesn't have bags of power, but in the lower gears it seems slightly quicker than the Metro, the interior is more comfortable, and it doesn't make you wince into corners as if you're going to roll, or at least graze the door handles.

As far as the interior being stripped out, it's great stowage space for anything you don't want flying around inside the car during a corner, without having to muck about opening hatches, doors, and catches.

The handling probably isn't the best, but I've found it to be the best so far of the cars I've driven, you can chuck a Fiesta into a bend and come out of it thinking "I should have hit that tree..." Throw a metro in and you probably would have, or rolled, the civic is no great shakes in bends either.

There are a few rather unsettling dips and humps in local roads, I've been thrown 2 lanes across the road going over a dip in the Metro (only doing 70, after all the road was a 40.. didn't want to speed by much), the Civic is just so unpredictable on any form of blemish in the road above 70 that you dare not corner quickly, the Fiesta however is incredible, hitting the same dip at 70, (that threw the Metro at the same speed.) The Fiesta, while almost bottoming out on it did nothing to scare the hell out of my passenger (that I hadnt already done.. *ahem* sorry mother.) In-fact, the Fiesta held its course, but for a few inches drift, I'd say about 4 at the most, I was still in my lane.

I chose to write this after having read a couple of reviews looking for an average opinion on fuel economy, ten pound at the fuel station seems to have lasted so long that I keep wondering if I have some slightly backward neighbours siphoning fuel from their car into mine.. Anyway enough of that.

The Fiesta may not perform like an XR2i, but ask yourselves, you have a 999cc car, what do you want out of it? For the size of the engine, the car is damned quick, comparing it to my Metro It's quicker on acceleration, power delivery seems to happen just that bit quicker for overtaking/accelerating after speed cameras, and it doesn't rattle above 70, the Metro rattled like crazy from 70 to final top speed of 105, I've not pushed the Fiesta past 85 yet, I intend to though, it didn't seem too stretched I'll add a comment with its results when I do.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2003

1991 Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Ideal for short driving times


Needed new Clutch.

Needed New Alternator and Battery.

Bad Body rot.

Internal seal needed to be replaced.

Leaks Oil.

New Bottom Radiator hose needed.

General Comments:

This car is ideal for a first time driver or someone who wishes to do low mileage.

It is not suited to long distances for me, due to lack of leg room. I'm 5'11 and have the seat right to the back of the rails.

The engine is very easy to work on and can be fixed by someone with few mechanical skills.

Performance is adequate for a car of that age and mileage, but lacks thrill and only pushes you back in your seat from gears one to three. Four and five give no satisfaction!

The economy is very good and I am pleased with it. Economy is only good when you drive steady and keep your revs below 3000RPM. When you nail it the economy drops.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003