1991 Ford Fiesta XR2i 1.6 EFi from UK and Ireland


A high performance masterpiece


Nothing as of yet. (only owned it a week).

Small puff of blue on cold start, slight wearing of valve seal guides, nothing to bother about yet.

Although I have only just bought the car, I have carried out some work just to make sure it will be reliable.

They Are: -

Flush out water system (full of brown rubbish).

Change spark plugs.

Spray carb cleaner through throttle body.

Clean idle speed control valve, and set base idle speed.

Top up battery water.

Check cambelt (could be due for change later in the year).

Check oil, although I may change it for piece of mind, and use flushing oil 1st, as this quietens the valves down a lot.

General Comments:

In my view a steal at £1300.00. The car runs like new and the white paint work has no marks or dents, and everything works, even the A.B.S.

The interior is immaculate, although the standard speakers could require replacement soon, (just component standard replacements, no sub or 6x9 rubbish).

The engine pulls superbly in any gear at any speed, and the exhaust note from the standard pipe sounds great.

The styling is still as fresh today as in 1991, with the four spot lamps, body kit and the 13" alloys.

This car will definitely be with me for a while.

When buying one make sure that no mods have been done, not even wheels or engine parts, that way you know it'll be a good one that yobs haven't thrashed.

If looked after and cared for, they'll go on forever.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002

1991 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


A cheerful bargain


New exhaust pipe fitted, but only cost me £40 for whole system.

Back windscreen wiper doesn't work, no idea why yet.

New oil filler cap.

General Comments:

The people who owned the car before me had no idea of maintenence except keeping it clean, but it has only needed a new oil filler cap (gunged up from cold starts) and a new air filter. Also a new exhaust was fitted after a huge whole appeared near the back box.

It isn't the fastest of cars, but for my first, it is perfect. It could do with a little more acceleration, however, as I don't dare overtake sometimes. Having only 4 gears can be a little strange though.

The interior is to be expected of an older car, but is very functional - everything works inside and there are no electrical faults.

There is a bad rust problem on the rear wheel arches - one has been filled and sprayed, but the other has a couple of inches missing. It hasn't spread though and is merely cosmetic. Otherwise, there isn't much rust.

It only cost me £350 so was a bargain. The insurance is higher than other cars of its class though.

I love my baby Fiesta and when I can afford to upgrade, I'll be sure to buy another as it is easy to drive and fairly economical. The only niggle with handling is the steering is a little heavy when going slowly (eg. reversing).

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Review Date: 21st April, 2002

1991 Ford Fiesta CVT 1.1L from Belgium


Inexpensive to run, good second car


The car never broke down but needed to have the ball joints replaced twice.

The valves need to be adjusted often in order to get a good gas mileage & acceptable cold starting abilities.

General Comments:

Surprisingly comfortable little car: Fairly quiet on the road, good driving position and very comfortable front seats.

The continuously variable transmission is an asset when going uphill on highways and allow the engine to run at low RPM when cruising.

Although the car is very stable at highway speeds, it doesn't handle bumps very well.

Inside, the materials used are durable but poorly assembled and rattle constantly.

The keys are low quality and have been replaced 3 times!!!

Very low maintenance costs and parts are always quickly dispatched.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2001