1995 Ford Fiesta quartz 1.1 from UK and Ireland




The carb went on it and a new one cost £130.

The c. v joint went and the 2 back shocks went aswell.

Rust around the back wheel arches and on the sills.

General Comments:

It is not really quick for a 1.1 but what do you expect with 115000 miles on it.

Every time someone gets in the passenger front seat the back falls down a bit. It does not wind up at the knob so you have to take it off and wind it up with a pair of vise grips.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

1995 Ford Fiesta Si 16v 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Fantastic for a young driver, now go and buy one


Battery died once, my fault though.

Brake discs damaged.

Rust on sills and tailgate.

Uneven tyre wear.

Exhaust blows and rattles on bumper.

No other faults, fingers crossed.

General Comments:

I've driven plenty of different cars including some of the fiesta SI's rivals (90bhp).

In the fiesta I have beaten beaten VTR's, 306 D Turbos, Fiesta Supersports and XR2's to 60. Ford's figure of 10.4 seconds 0-60 is a joke, it definitely isn't accurate. The handling is very good too, and the seats do a great job of stopping you from flying out of the window. It really is nippy and is very comfortable, even at high speeds, which you wouldn't expect from a 10 year old car.

The exterior looks nice, it holds it's own with more modern cars and the bumpers are responsible for this. It is a shame about the rust though, my rear arches are spotless, but the sills are very rusty so I will need two new sills.

Now the interior, probably the best I have ever sat in, the seats look awesome and they hug you tightly through the corners and they must be among the most comfortable car seats ever. The trim pattern is jigsaw raven and it is very nice and modern looking.

Overall this car is awesome, an awesome car for young drivers due to the low insurance and an awesome base for older drivers who could afford a 2.0 engine transplant.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006

11th Sep 2006, 00:22

While I agree with most things in this review; handling, comfort, looks. I am certain an Si is slower off the mark than the cars mentioned (bar super sport) I've owned two great Si's, an Xr2 and a Xr2i. the Xr's are quicker by a long shot, though the Si is a far better drive.

1995 Ford Fiesta Si 16V 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Gr8 Grin factor


New Clutch.

New Sparks, HT Leads, Oil Filter, Air Filter.

New Brake Calliper after the one sezied waring the disk.

New CV joints.

Welding every were (normal 10year+ ford's)

New Locks.

General Comments:

I got this car as my 1st car I paid £550 for a Si after seeing them going for about £800 at the time of getting it. After buying it I realised why that was £550. the clutch went 2 weeks after getting it, when it was having it fitted I found out two CV boots where knacker-ed and needed replacing. the head unit wasn't wired in to anything thankfull a quick ebay lot sorted that out, only the drivers door opened so I replaced all the locks. I've spent around 800 on it just to get it back to its former glory, but its worth it all just for the grin factor as you pull off from the lights killing the Saxo and Corsa brigade. and for a 90bhp engine its good for 125mph which has been seen (thankfully the plod were busy). the only thing I wish I had was the electric pack which it looks like the car had at one point as it has ABS and the electric boot release button, but does nothing after changing the locks so I've removed it and wired the panic button from my alarm into the hole. the seats are gr8 for hugging you as you chuck the car in to the bends. insurance can be steep as I bought it I was 18 in a medium crime zone with a provision cost me £2200 TPFT after a year NCB its now £1100 which is nice.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006