1995 Ford Fiesta Si 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


The next best thing to sliced bread


Paint quality under the doors poor.

Battery needed replacing.

Faulty CV boot on drive shaft.

Normal wear and tear on types and brake pads and wiper blades.

General Comments:

Quite a quick little car, had the ability to rev up to 9000RPM in every gear reaching a top speed of 125MPH. Very good for traffic light starts.

This car with a lowered stiffened suspension, which give good handling at high speed. Not so good on rough terrain.

This particular car did not have the optional electric pack which including things like electric windows, central locking, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning.

But besides all that, this car was seriously fun to drive and very comfortable.

This car was the first car I had with power steering, which made slow speed manoeuvring quite easy.

Standard Ford audio equipment disappointing and quickly upgraded and very easy to do with right technical knowledge. Always good to have a Haynes Manual.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2005

16th Sep 2005, 06:32

I find 9000 RPM in Any gear hard to believe.

16th Sep 2005, 08:21

It does not rev to 9,000 RPM! You would have lost the pistons through the bonnet a good 2,000 RPM before that.

If you're going to make things up, at least make them half believable.

7th Oct 2005, 15:37

I own a fiesta SI and it revs to 7,000rpm. But I wouldn't do it, it peaks around 5,000rpm for best performance. I thinks its quick though

11th Oct 2005, 10:35

I have only seen 9000rpm when I have selected the wrong gear it is possible, but not for road driving relly above 4500rpm it has a flat spot that power just is not there anymore (should of had at least 100bhp min) grate car though.

1995 Ford Fiesta Si 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Beautiful looking car and goes like the wind


Bearings had to be replaced.

Rust on seals and arches, but is understandable for a 10 year old car.

General Comments:

Doors easily attract dents from other people's, or passengers opening doors etc..

Very quick car with a great engine, keeps up with new 1.4 and 1.6 newer cars.

Great car to drive on the motorway.

Bucket seats are best I've ever sat in and grab you in corners.

Interior very good.

Looks amazing.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2005

1995 Ford Fiesta Azura 1.1 HCS Manual from UK and Ireland


Great little runner, good first car


Nothing major so far, but it does have a habit of eating oil.

Oil was leaking through the Valve Stem Seals over night and burning off when running - Replaced the seals personally (easy job 2/5) uses allot less oil.

One or more of the piston rings are damaged slightly... this causes oil leak in and burn off at high revs. (A lot of work to fix, not worth it.)

Recently the ignition lock was so worn out it forced the steering wheel to jam before the key was turned - Needed to be towed and the lock replaced (?50 parts and labour - apparently a common fault.)

It is common for most Ford paint to fade over time, especially Red. The car is now 10 years old and it hasn't faded much at all.

General Comments:

For a 1.1 it performs rather well. It will handle about 95mph with a light load.

Engine needed a serious De-Coke when I bought it. Since then it's had a lot more push up hill. Highly recommended if you buy a Fiesta.

Interior is basic, but not falling apart at all. For a small car it has a nice amount of boot space and general space.

It is also common in Fiestas to develop electrical faults. I haven't had any problems so far.

Great little car. Will handle long journeys if needed.

I do about 60 miles a day without any problems.

Will do about 30-40mpg.

Uses about 1 litre of oil every 1000 miles (Roughly and common).

Otherwise very cheap to run and maintain.

Very quiet engine. Can't hear it with music on inside unless you are seriously revving.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2005