1997 Ford Fiesta Ghia X 1.4 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Very good, and much better than our old Polo


No faults.

General Comments:

Bought to replace an unreliable 1997 Polo CL that was a living nightmare, not to mention showing signs of rust.

Gets used as a second car, so basically for carting things around, local trips and the occasional commute. Copes admirably with everything we throw at it, and has proven frugal, reliable and very good fun to drive.

Ghia X trim gives amazing spec for a small car. Electric windows, air conditioning, sunroof, heated front screen, electric mirrors, a decent CD player, power steering and alloys. Not convinced about the mottled brown plastic "wood" on the dash, and the interior isn't the last word in modern styling, but it works and is well put together. The car still feels very tight and "together" after 63k, and everything still works perfectly.

The little 1.4 Zetec engine is a peach and blows our old 1.4 VW Polo's stodgy 8 valve unit out of the water. It's smooth and eager whether ambling along at idle, or screaming past 6,000 RPM, and delivers acceleration that you could easily describe as lively. It doesn't rattle or smoke, and a sump full of genuine 5W/30 Ford oil doesn't need topping up between services.

The gearchange is short throw and slick, and the power steering gives lots of feel as well as quick gearing. The handling is exactly what a small car should be, with a lovely chuckable feel. It's not a sports car, but it really does have the energetic and fun feel that small cars nowadays lack.

Paid UKP 2000 for the car in November 2004 with 49k, a full Ford history and in immaculate condition. For the money, it's great value.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

22nd Nov 2006, 12:17

Fiesta better than a Polo? Are you sure you owned one?! I recently got rid my flimsy old 'P' reg fiesta after having nothing, but trouble with it. Problems I've experienced include mold/ rain water ingress in the boot and foot-wells, interior trim falling to bits, various electrical faults, rear wheel arches rusting away to nothing. I now have a 2000 'X' plate Polo TDI and it's in a completely different league, leaps and bounds ahead of the fiesta in terms on space, refinement and any other aspect you could think of. Just glad I'm not still stuck with that tin can on wheels. Lol.

1997 Ford Fiesta LX 16v 1.25 Zetec 16v from UK and Ireland


Feisty and fun... but economical


New exhaust at just under 60,000 miles, but the garage stated that the faulty exhaust was the original fitted one!!

General Comments:

This car has an excellent engine which is both economical and responsive.

It is much quicker than it looks and will keep up with much more powerful cars until about 80 mph.

The interior is well thought out, and I think quite nice.

In my opinion the only drawback is the road noise.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2004

1997 Ford Fiesta Classic 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


A solid small car for those on a budget


Radiator replaced due to fins missing.

Near side rear shock failed. Both rear shocks replaced.

Rust is now visible around off side rear arch

Small oil leak from crankshaft is now visable.

General Comments:

This car is very reliable and nearly all faults have been as a result of general wear and tear.

The performance is excellent considering the engine is non turbo and it pulls solidly in all gears and will pull to 108mph max which is above Fords estimations.

However steering is not as sharp as one would expect for a small car, but this may be blamed on the fact that it is a diesel engine which is quite weighty.

The only complaint I would have about this car is that its not as balanced as one would hope and the back end is not as tight as one would hope on country roads

A solid motorway cruiser and has been described by it's mechanic as bombproof

Running costs are minimal the car regularly exceeds 60mpg.

Sips oil.

Interior is solid and there is no wear or tear.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2003