2005 Ford Fiesta ST 150 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic fun!



General Comments:

Fantastic car! Had a Zetec S prior to the ST and thought that was good! but the ST is something else.

Despite being a small hatch the build quality and comfort of the car is more like you would find in a quality saloon, seats are comfortable, wind noise non existent the car is well kitted out and all the controls are easy to hand.

Performance - well, handling is phenomenal no body roll, stable at high speeds (even at about 130 mph doesnt seem scary) and can match or better most cars on the road. My only criticism is that it doesn't feel that fast straight line 0-60 but from 60 mph onward it pulls and pulls leaving any following cars as tiny dots in the rear view mirror (often much to their surprise)! Great fun on the motorway and back lanes too due to taught handling!

I love this car! (just wish it had an extra 20bhp or so)!

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Review Date: 14th April, 2005

21st Apr 2005, 04:44

I have recently taken delivery of my Performance Blue ST150 and after 1500 miles I am very impressed. I was amazed by how much the engine loosens up with miles and feels a lot punchier now, particularly toward the upper end of the rev range.

One thing I am pig sick of already is people asking how it compares to the Clio 182. This was my view:

Performance: Clio quicker by a fair way. You have to thrash it to within an inch of its life though.

Handling: Very little in it.

Feel: Fiesta's trump card IMO. Lovely steering, sharp, but progressive brakes, perfect heel and toe pedal layout, knife through butter gearbox. Steering apart, the Clio can't match it.

Build quality: Again, the Fiesta by a country mile. Trim, plastics and build quality wouldn't disgrace a mid spec saloon. Clio feels cheap and tacky and both demonstrators I drove had numerous creaks and squeaks despite less than 1500 miles on the clock. There is more engine and road noise in the Ford though.

Running costs: Again the Fiesta - 3 groups lower insurance, and Ford parts are about the cheapest available.

I also read an article in Autocar this week that said despite a 32 bhp difference, the ST and 182 are within a tenth of a second of each other around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Not regretting my decision so far. When I have more miles on the clock I'll post a review.