Fiesta SES 1.6

Fun to drive, good on gas, some common transmission issues

320 words, North America

Fiesta SE 1.6 gas

Best car ever?

317 words, North America

Fiesta CL 1.6

Great car let down by a crappy transmission

385 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

Fiesta SES 1.6

It has it all: great MPG, beautiful design, and FUN to drive!

146 words, North America

Fiesta SES 1.6 gas

A sympathetic bad boy

78 words, Chile

Fiesta Titanium Econetic 1.6 TDCI turbo diesel

Ford has nailed the small car market with this one

347 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Fiesta SES Hatchback 1.6L gas

Very fun to drive

250 words, North America, 6 comments

Fiesta SE 1.6

Sexy, smart and economical. Thumbs up!

136 words, North America, 3 comments

Fiesta SE Hatchback 1.6 gas

Cute, economical, but expensive

166 words, North America, 81 comments

Fiesta SE 1.6

Exceeded expectations

122 words, North America, 8 comments