31st May 2013, 13:19

Dear Sir,

You say give the companies a year or two to sort out their new technologies. I bought a new Fiesta with the Getrag 6 speed dual clutch transmission in 2011. After a few months of driving, I had problems with the transmission (similar as described above), and despite several trips back to Ford to have the problem rectified, it is still not fixed.

Sounds to me that after 2 years, Ford is no closer in building a proper transmission for the Fiesta?

31st May 2013, 21:16

Ford has a history of screwing up their new models. The Fiesta only came out in North America a couple of years ago, so their models are bound to have problems.

7th Jun 2013, 13:55

Had the car in again for transmission problems, slipping clutch in second gear.

Mechanics took the tranny out and found a leaking seal that leaked oil onto the clutch.

It took them a couple of days to sort out, but whatever they did seemed to have worked, because it now drives and shifts gears better than the day when we picked it up from the dealer.

Ford is lucky to have such skilled and passionate people working for them; they did a great job.

Let’s hope this is finally the end of the transmission problems. I have one year of warranty left; if it plays up again during that time, then I feel that have no choice but to trade in the Fiesta for something else, like a Japanese or German car.

28th Apr 2017, 11:23

Hi all,

Just an update on the comment from 2013.

At the time we had one year warranty left on the car and were thinking of trading it in before it runs out, but then Ford extended the warranty for the transmission (tranny only) to 5 years.

Since the guys at Ford pulled the transmission apart and replaced all the seals it has been working and we haven’t had any of the major slipping clutch issues. We’ve now done 110K and so far had one repair (other than normal wear and tear) that we had to pay for and that was a broken radiator hose. We've learned to live with the limitations of the transmission and adjusted our driving style to it.

Would I buy the Ford Fiesta again, I don't think so!

But overall the great service from Ford, the brilliant handling, modern styling and peppy performance of the Fiesta has won us over and we are planning to keep it for hopefully many years to come.