25th Jun 2001, 09:06

I had a Mk3 Fiesta 1.00 G-reg, it was an excellent car! Apart from a new engine at 90k which was a bored out 999cc to 1080cc, it was quick with a carb of an old XR2.

The suspension was binned and replaced with Konis all around and a front roll-bar of an Xr2i.

14 inch Team-dynamics alloys in white were also added.

Sadly it got written off by an oncoming vehicle last year.

I'd recommend the mk3 Fiesta to new drivers.

2nd Sep 2002, 09:34

I've got a 1990 G-Reg Fiesta Mk3 1.0 Popular. The car is quite a good drive and it has never let me down, although I have the same problem with the anti-freeze hose melting. In retrospect, the Mk3 Fiesta is a great little car and a rewarding drive.

8th Sep 2002, 13:17

I own a Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 999cc. I've only been driving for 3 months and I found that it's a great 1st car. Its not a great looker, but with a bit of money spent on it, it can look quite good. Unfortunately my insurance company isn't too keen on that, which in turn makes my bank manager unhappy. I find that its quite nippy around town up to about 40mph, but falls away after that unless you want to red-line it in 3rd. It has not let me down yet (famous last words!) but I do have problems getting the engine to pick up 1st thing in the morning. Highly recommended as a first car!

17th Dec 2002, 06:51

I bought a G reg 1.0 popular which I changed from red to rover British racing green. I put a 1.4 engine in it, a racing clutch, 5 speed gear box and to make it better I skimmed it and put on twin Webber 45 carb's on. it sound great yet still looks standard until i put a kit on and lower it! I love it!