4th May 2006, 07:33

Well written article, I’ve been driving a Saxo VTS from new for 7 years (endless problems, but a quick fun car to drive) was considering the Clio 182 (despite build quality apprehensions!) but I am seriously considering the Fiesta ST, especially if Ford confirm the tuning package! Does any one have any news on this?

Here’s a question for the article writer or anyone who has owned both cars. How does the Fiesta ST compare to the Saxo VTS in handling, performance and economy?

18th May 2006, 04:11

Also to the guy who claims his Clio wee's all over an 06 plate ST. Like you said, an 06 plate = pretty much brand spanking new = probably very few miles on the clock = engine still running in.

18th May 2006, 07:18

The new Clio is so heavy you'll probably need an HGV licence to drive the 190.

Just under 1200kg for a "small" car. Someone is having a laff!

19th May 2006, 19:03

The St150 weighs the same as a Focus - 1392kg, very heavy.

21st May 2006, 05:40

The Fiesta ST doesn't weigh 1392kg!!! It weighs 1137kg. Paste "Fiesta ST 1137kg" in Google to see.

28th May 2006, 07:25

Yeah the Clio is heavy, but on the plus side it's the biggest supermini in the market, and taking practicality into account, it's very spacious inside, which is nice.

It is heavy, but then again it has a 197 bhp, which makes the car hit 60 mph in 6.9 sec, and overall top speed of around 135 mph, a lot quicker than the Fiesta ST150 I'm afraid.

The new Clio also has German build quality, which puts an end to Renault's biggest flaw.

28th May 2006, 17:51

No Renault will ever have "German build quality"

30th May 2006, 22:41

I assure you the new renault clio has excellent build quality, Due to Brtitsh engineering. Far better than what it used to be, and everyone now agrees better than ford. Renault have also won the F1 Constructors championship last year and are gonna win it again this year. The F1 Team played a major part in developing the clio 197 which is apparent by the side vents and rear diffuser, the only one to appear on a Hot Hatch. The clio is so much quicker than the fiesta ST and the dynamics are far better and it will handle so much sweeter. I am sorry to say the 197 will eat the fiesta ST 150 as a snack.

5th Jun 2006, 03:50

The Clio 197 is far better than the Fiesta ST150. You were all happy to compare the Clio 182 to the Fiesta ST150, even though that type of Clio came out in 1997.

So how comes you don't want to compare the ST150 with the new 197. That would only be fair. Oh yeah, because the 197 is better and they are comparable cars as the both fall into the super mini category, and it is only 3 grand difference.

Also I did not say Renaults F1 success contributed to the Clio build quality. That is achived by its excellent British engineering, but dont take my word for it, read reviews from "What Car" "Autocar" "Autoexpress" and many other places, and they all say the Clio's build quality is on par with a Polo.

However, the F1 team helped design the Clio and the dynamics, and that contributes to the Renault's excellent handling.

6th Jun 2006, 16:18

Comparisons with the 197 are pointless. Once specc'd up to what I want, it's hitting the same price as the Focus ST and I know which I'd have. Hell the Megane Cup is not much different. You are talking about a different price range. To be fair to Renault the Clio has jumped up a step in terms of build quality but it's looking expensive now, especially when compared to the cooking models.

I've driven a 182 Cup a fair few times and it's incredible. HOWEVER I hate the driving position, it's like driving a bus - the Fiesta is way better (but not perfect). At the end of the day you have to live with a car and I think the ST is a good compromise. It isn't as good as the Clio on the handling stakes and the top end can't compare with it, but I know which car I'd rather live with and the ST wins hands down. Mine fully loaded with everything was the same as a standard Mini Cooperer (admittedly I got a good deal). I'm happy and besides I've always got a Ariel Atom 245 sitting in the garage when I need a real fix and no Clio will keep with that! :-)

14th Jun 2006, 14:42

The clio is in a much higher class than the fiesta st150, I'm a 182 owner and I have drove a fiesta st150 theres no comparison. Fiesta st150 is a girls car.

15th Jun 2006, 03:09

No, comparisons are not pointless. At the end of the day, they are both small hot hatches, which Ford had in mind to compete with the Clio, the Saxo and the Colt. 3 grand difference is not really gonna put you off buying a better car.

You cannot compare a Focus ST to a Clio 197. You compare a Megane to a Focus ST, as they are both in the same class; medium sized hatchback.

However though, they are bringing out Cosworth power kit upgrades for the Fiesta ST, which will be cool, and their aim is to bring it out in three stages, and by the time time Stage 3 is completed and installed, they hope to bring the Fiesta's power to 230 BHP. Check out pumaspeed.co.uk, and the Cosworth Power Stage 1 may be out. I've not checked in a while, though I do know it was scheduled for June, and it should bring the power to 172 BHP, and the good thing is it's a Ford approved part, and will not void your warranty if fitted by Ford.

16th Jun 2006, 12:13

I own a Clio 182 Sport and I find it hard to believe that that a st150 could beat my car. I raced one of my mates in his st150 with 10,000 miles on the clock, and beat him comfortably. I just don't like the dash in the fiesta, it seems miles away, and yes Clios aren't the best built car ever, but let's be honest, Ford are hardly up to BMW standards are they?

18th Jun 2006, 21:08

The 197 is out now so can ppl stop going on about the old 182. Its old news now.

26th Jun 2006, 03:35

Not until the 1st of july mate!

28th Jun 2006, 07:07

Author of the original review here.

My my, this seems to have degenerated into the mother of all willy-waving and slanging matches.

How many of the Renault owners slagging off the Fiesta have ever driven one?

How many of the Ford owners slagging the Renault off have ever driven one.

I drove both cars and my comments were based on actual experience. I preferred the Fiesta to the Clio. You can argue about it if you like, but at the end of the day it was my call, my money, my consequence to live with and that's the end of it. Feel free to do whatever you like with your money.

I would love to know how many of those posting inane "mine's bigger/better/faster/harder than yours" comments have actually driven either of these cars? There are some people on this site that really need to grow up!

I acknowledged the Clio (182) was significantly faster. Why are you arguing about it?

Nobody knows how good or bad the new 197 is. I've read one first impression which says it's not as much fun as the 182. Even so, why are you arguing about a car that hasn't even been widely reviewed in the press yet?