28th Jun 2007, 11:26

I don't get it why people look at speed so much.. I mean come on, unless you're driving on the Autobahn, where would you possibly use more than the, let's say over 125mph, the Fiesta ST offers?

If I were a race driver or something, yeah, that would matter... but for daily driving, you simply can't do much with that extra power, except bragging to your friends.

21st Jul 2007, 20:36

I agree why are people so obsessed with who's got the faster car!!

But just to let you know, I have a Fiesta ST150 with twin turbo conversion and four wheel drive running 400bhp (proven), so any Clio 182 197 wanna race me?? (respect to the ST's), out of Renaults league I'm afraid!!

22nd Jul 2007, 08:43

You don't have a powerful car for top speed alone. It's nice to have the extra acceleration when you want or need it.

I have a mapped VTR. It's not as quick as most if any of the cars mentioned above, but it does have nice low down power, so you don't have to rag it anywhere, and you save on fuel.

I've been thinking of changing my car, but for the money I paid for it; £4,000 for a 3 year old one, and nothing's gone wrong with it.. I don't know what to do. Only the image that is has makes me want to change it, but once you're in it you forget about that. How much could I get a 04/05 ST for on average? And any idea on insurance?

24th Jul 2007, 15:34


It's funny reading the ST v Clio comments. One thing is missing though. Does anyone know the insurance cost for a Clio 182? I'm 38, live in a small town, the car is off-road parked. I just paid £354 (+20 for legal) fully comp for my 06 plate Fiesta ST. How does that compare to a 182, as I think that's pretty cheap for a car that make me smile every time I drive it.

30th Sep 2007, 12:44

I own an ST150. I'm 18 and have owned 3 cars including the ST150. They were a Clio 1.4s mk2, and a Golf mk4 GTI 2.0 115 BHP.

The Clio was my first car, and the build quality was poor for the ££££ spent. Won't touch french again!!

Then the Golf GTI; amazing build quality, very strong car, safe to be in, lacks power due to its weight and not a true GTI. p.s. It handles like a boat.

Anyway, to get to the point, now I own a 05 plate ST150 and I'm very impressed. Got it with 21000 on the clock, and it seems to be run in perfect.

All this talk about 0-60 and top end is just child like; at the end of the day official Ford times are as follows 0-60 7.9, top speed 129 mph!!! End of!! Even though I've had 138 mph at just under 7000 revs with a down hill helping hand.

Now as for tuning, there are a number of mods that are on the market for the ST150, where for about a £1000, you will be looking at 180 BHP give or take. Sounds nice?? Then listen up!

Start with the induction system, which is restricted by Ford, so to release a few extra horses, I suggest a K&N 57i panel filter (not cone, because of the heat).

Then a MAGNEX stainless steel exhaust system, cat back included, between 10-15 BHP (claimed).

Then for the final kick up the behind for the ST is an ECU remap, but you're in control with an in car hand held device called a Bluefin (15 BHP gain guaranteed by Bluefin). The Bluefin also is a security system, which you can turn off the ECU. Thieves have no chance!!! Even the best ones!!!

Last, but not least Puma Speed, where you can find all these mods. They claim that the 2.0 Duratec can loosen up after 25000 miles to give the ST up to a 10 BHP gain from nowhere. I'm just going by what a Pumaspeed say! Go to www.fastfordmag.co.uk.

Even though I have not done this to my ST yet, I'm going to save up. So watch out Clio 172/182. My ST150 going to eat you soon! For just £1000 it's worth every penny to see the french tin can in my rear view!!! Any comments to this post would be replied to. I also agree the ST150 needs 6 gears.

21st Oct 2007, 09:29

I wrote the comment above about 3 weeks ago! just to let you all know, I managed to blow the big end with only 22000 on the clock!!! I won't touch ford again!!!

31st Jan 2008, 06:13

I drive a Fiesta ST 07 plate and my girlfriend has the Clio 192 also 07.

I have the factory fitted Ford tuning pack fitted, so it produces 230bhp and it still came out £400 cheaper than the 192 Clio. However power isn't the issue here, as both cars have plenty...

Since march 07 the Clio has also had a new fuse box as the door lining had been leaking.

The Fiesta on the other hand has been totally reliable and trouble free. I also find the styling more attractive with the ST; it looks faster than the 197 if it's stood still, and the Clio is going past at 100mph...

I have driven the Clio many a time, and I still have not got used to the driving position or the bone breaking ride. Long distance driving 200 miles to Scotland in it was shocking (I know that the point of a hot hatch isn't the motorway, but the Fiesta manages it with ease, if not a bit noisy with only 5 gears...)

The Clio is a much better car for a novice, being softer and more forgiving in the bends, but if you have the driving ability to handle the Fiesta's, wheel spinning power it's definitely the one to buy.....

31st Jan 2008, 08:49

To the 21st July comment, LOL you have a twin turbo duratec? and 400bhp?

As for the last comment re: a ford 'tuning' pack, how does this give the car 80 extra horses? Haha for one thing for don't offer 'performance' upgrades on there engines and secondly they certainly wouldn't offer one with such a huge power gain without risking reliability.

31st Jan 2008, 10:50

That's still not 230bhp tho is it... unless this is one of those people that think an exhaust and filter add 45bhp.

1st Feb 2008, 02:16

Mountune have just launched this kit:

'185 bhp.

Fully approved by Ford, with full Ford warranty support.

Retrofittable to older models or brand new cars.



35bhp for £1,800 a bargain, what planet are you on, it's a complete rip off!

6th Feb 2008, 07:26

Not with the Ford warranty backup it's not, and besides the price includes suspension upgrades as well.

A GENUINE 35 bhp increase from a non-turbo engine for that money, and with the full support of the manufacturer is more than reasonable. Do you have any idea of the work involved in releasing power from a non-turbo engine? Or do you believe the chip manufacturers and the adverts for the bolt on crap that litter the tuning comics.

Buy an ST at RRP, have this upgrade done, and the total package is still no more expensive than a Polo GTI, Clio 197 or Cooper S.

I don't think it's me on another planet mate. If you think a £250 chip can do the same job, good luck to you.