22nd Apr 2003, 09:52

This car is not a hot hatch, If you want a hot hatch Fiesta you better look at the XR2i (cvh),Xr2i (16v) RS1800 or the legendary RS Turbo. This car would struggle to compete with the Fiesta SI and that was another 'average' warm hatch.

23rd Jun 2003, 19:17

You're missing the point comparing it to the RS1800, RS Turbo etc. It's not supposed to even be an XR2i replacement, but an insurable warm hatch. And in many ways it is more capable than any other Fiesta, namely:

Engine : Yes, it lacks grunt, but it revs sweetly to the limiter with an enthusiastic growl instead of the filling-loosening "twin tub washing machine in its death throes" impersonation you get from a CVH or the first generation Zetec lumps.

Steering: 2.5 turns lock to lock, razor sharp response, and full of feel. Betters many purpose built two seaters in this respect.

Handling: Tons of outright grip, but balanced and adjustable beyond that. Tucks in nicely on a feathered throttle, controllable lift off oversteer on demand, and beautiful taut suspension which keeps body movement in check even when you're pushing it stupidly hard. Gone is the pig iron suspension and dogged understeer of older "hot" Fiestas and in its place is the feel, finesse and balance that made the Puma king of the coupes.

Gearbox: Ultra short throw, slick and zero free play in the linkage. Never baulks, never complains - shifts as quickly as you can co-ordinate hand and foot.

Pedal layout: If you can't heel and toe in this car, you'll never be capable of it. Helped by the instant throttle response and low flywheel inertia of the engine.

Brakes: Blinding - firm pedal, unintrusive ABS and plenty of bite.

Straight line performance apart, it is a far superior drivers car than any of the older Fiestas you mention.

17th Jul 2003, 06:43

The engine in the Zetec S Fiesta is based on the Zetec E platform which was designed by Yamaha for Ford in 1991. The engine was put into production in 1992.

The engine is not the redesigned type as fitted to the Puma. The Zetec S engine is the same platform as the so called 'first generation' Zetec units.

17th Jul 2003, 07:54

Sounds like you are a Puma driver ashamed to admit that the Puma is a Mk4 Fiesta! The Fiesta has moved on, and the Puma has died, I am not saying the Puma was a bad car, but it was not that special compared to the Zetec S!

My 2002 Zetec S, uses the very last and most advanced Zetec motor to date, the Zetec SE, which replaces the Zetec HE and the Zetec S before it!

The old early 90's Zetec's were built on a cast iron bottom end, and do not resemble the later motors.

The Zetec motor was developed with Yamaha to allow ford to make use of their superior balancing shaft technology, they were built for 5 years under this agreement, and now Ford build them under the name of Duratec, but the engines have not changed.

What has the new X type Jag Diesel got in common with a peugeot 306?

The latest Ford diesel motors are modified Peugeot motors!

26th Aug 2003, 08:47

I thnk you will find that the Duratec engines are chain driven and and Zetec engines upto 8/98 are belt driven. So they have changed.