2015 Ford Flex Limited 3.6 twin turbo Ecoboost from North America


Love it



General Comments:

This is my 2nd Ford Flex. I had a 2009 SEL with 107,000 miles, and other than normal maintenance, I never had anything go wrong.

The Flex has one the most comfortable rides I've ever experienced. I took it on a 2,200 mile road trip and it did not disappoint. The 2nd row seats have tons of room and my two kids loved it. So when it was time to update, I figured why change something that I already knew was a sure thing. I went and got a 2015 Flex Limited loaded with the twin turbo Ecoboost engine. The 2015 rides even better than the 2009, which I wasn't expecting. The 365hp engine is definitively nicer than the standard 3.6, the acceleration is effortless, though it's going to cost you a few miles per gallon. Yes, the Flex is certainly an odd looking vehicle (loaf of bread on wheels, refrigerator box, heard them all), but its uniqueness is maybe why I like it so much; me and my wife make fun of it, but we still love it.

The biggest problem with this car is trying to get one that has what you want in it. Very few dealers keep many of them in stock, which is sad. I had to drive 2 hours away to get mine. I think more people would buy a Flex if they just test drove one.

Note: I did test drive a 2016 Explorer, which was very nice, but it was not nearly as comfortable as the Flex, and the 2 row space is smaller. They Flex has much nicer seats throughout. Also, the Explorer has terrible visibility over the front hood.

I hope this helps out anyone that has ever considered buying a Flex. If you've thought about a Flex and never test drove one, then you're missing out.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2015

2009 Ford Flex SEL FWD 3.5L V6 from North America


Overall, a great family vehicle! Do not overlook it!


We have the Leather/Convenience package in ours, so we have the memory seats, which used to automatically move the seat back when the key is removed, but it doesn't now. (Yes, I checked the option in the dash controls).

Will need tires soon, but they are original, so they are not doing too bad; still have some tread on them.

Wheel bearing went when we bought it; dealer fixed, no problem and no cost.

General Comments:

Overall a great car. Unlike some people, we liked its look and we wanted to upgrade from our 2006 Freestyle, so the Flex was a natural fit. Our SEL is well equipped with the Convenience package (memory seats, power pedals, power tailgate and puddle lamps), the leather seats, Vista-roof, Sync system, 12 speaker Sony sound system, rear seat DVD player and easy fold second row seats. Ours is the 6 passenger model with the centre console in the back; we wish we had found one with the fridge though!

It's quick when pushed; the V6 has more than enough power; just seems to be at odd points in the power range, but we have gotten use to it.

It can also hold 6 people easily, as we have done this many times, and the trunk space is OK with all the seats filled. The rear A/C & heat works great, and the DVD system keeps the kids entertained on long drives.

I am not looking forward to buying another set of all seasons and a set of snows for this car though, as they are 18 inch rims, but what can you do, right?

Also, we added an aftermarket roof rack to our Flex (you can't order the Flex with the factory racks if you have Vistaroof) and it works great! Also added the Flex bug deflector, had the front windows tinted to match the back, and had it pinned striped.

One other thing I dislike is the light coloured interior; we were warned that they get dirty VERY easily, and it's difficult to get some marks out of the leather seats.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2011