2009 Ford Flex SE 3.5L V6 from North America


Sharp, you can't help but notice it


Plastic rear window moldings cracked (minor and replaced promptly), transmission shifting problem (working on/going in for), missing interior hardware around passenger door handle (minor).

General Comments:

Love the look of the car inside and out. It rides great. I probably would add tilt wheel as an option, I do get a little uncomfortable. I love SYNC.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

4th Jul 2010, 19:03

Uh, no this design is not a good look, one of the ugliest vehicles made. Just terrible, can't even stand to look at it.

5th Jul 2010, 12:47

I agree with the commentor above me. The Ford Flex is by far the ugliest vehicle ever produced. I'd take a Pontiac Aztek over one of these any day (and those are hideous too).

2009 Ford Flex Limited 3.5 litre V6 from North America


Big, safe, luxury vehicle for your family


When I purchased the car, there was a small leak in the passenger back tire. This is a known issue from the dealership and they are going to replace the 2 back tires.

Otherwise, nothing is wrong with the car.

General Comments:

This is my dream car.

It's a truck. It's a mini van. It's luxury sedan. No, it's super CUV...

I have purchased the FWD version of this car. There is enough horse power to spin the front tires from a stand still. But the AWD version should allow more power to all wheels, preventing spin and extend your tire life.

This vehicle is a "head turner" and you will get a lot of looks as you drive around town. People have refered to this car as a Mini Cooper on steroids.

The front seats are great and very comfortable for my 5'9" frame carrying my 350 pounds of weight. My wife is 4'8" tall, and she doesn't have any problems handling this car.

I do find that the head rest are a bit "off", is about the only way to put it. I am sure that they are a safety issue, but they seem tilted forward and get my attention. So far, pushing the head rest all the way down to the stops, seems to have solved this for me.

12 speaker sound system is great for me. It will go louder than what I need to. I am no longer a kid that listens to my music at airplane take off decibels.

Make no mistake, I purchased over 5000 pounds of Detroit Steel, OK, in this car is Oakville Ontario Steel, but still, this is a BIG car. I didn't purchase this car to be a menace on the road, I purchased this car to be safe from the menaces that are on the road. Because of the size, this car has some amazing safety numbers. You feel "safe" inside this car.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

5th Dec 2009, 12:15

Regretfully I messed up on the cost of operating the vehicle.

I had assumed that the lower the number, meant that it had a low cost of operating. So I am pretty sure that I messed up that item.

6th Feb 2010, 18:43

"It's a truck. It's a mini van. It's luxury sedan. No, it's super CUV..."

...No, it's called a station wagon, only nobody wants to hear them called that!

15th Nov 2010, 16:30

I am looking at one of these, do you regret buying it for any reason?

21st May 2011, 13:07

Ummm... it says Distance when acquired was 20,000 and most recent distance was 20,200. That means you have only driven it 200 kilometres. Either your numbers are out of whack or you are easily impressed. I'd say give it at least another 300 kilometres before submitting your report. Ha!