2002 Ford Focus zx3 2.0 from North America


So far, a very good hatchback


None so far, the car is brand new.

General Comments:

I just hope the reliability is not as bad as it sounds. The main reason I got this car is because it is European engineered, so especially the hatch back shouldn't be too much trouble. Anyway I got the extended warranty with road side assistance so it should be all good.

The best point of the car is its handling, it's just marvelous. The engine is pretty powerful once you are in the third gear, freeway on-ramps are a lot of fun. However the first and second gear are way too slow. Don't expect to race off a red light with this weak torque.

The inside is very roomy and comfortable, the controls are perfect, and the dash board looks very good and well crafted.

There is too much engine noise, driving a brand new 2002 car I would expect it to be perfectly silent. However, the OK sound system covers any disturbances.

It looks much better than those bland Sentras, Civics, or Corollas. As I said reliability might not be as good, but the Focus just seduced me. Anyway I would recommend it to anybody who likes hatchbacks. However, the Focus Sedan is plain ugly and cheap looking. If you are looking to get a sedan get an import.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002

2002 Ford Focus Zx3 from North America


A great choice for a teens first car!


I had some problems with the brakes. It was pretty inexpensive to fix them though.

General Comments:

The Focus is a great compact car with great handling. When this one dies I will be buying a new Focus!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2002

2002 Ford Focus ZX-3 2.0 Zetec from North America


Ford is definitely going to have to step it up to compete with with Toyota, Volkswagen and Honda


This car hasn't been run hard enough to break anything yet, but it seems inevitable that something will.

General Comments:

This car packs a lot of punch, but not enough from the big engine. It handles extremely well. The shifter is really ugly. The ergonomics are good, but not great. Great seating in the car. The engine is loud for a car of this class. The double overhead cam engine needs to be revved a lot to get the power. Nice looking interior and exterior. Good for driving in town, but the noise gets old fast, when stepping on it a bit.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

2002 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A Friday afternoon special


After 2 days, (40 miles) first and reverse gears began sticking and popping out

After 10 weeks (900 miles) the offside gator arm split & I had to towed to the dealer who also discovered a defect with the offside drive shaft which was replaced

Now 16 weeks later after driving approximately 4 miles along a busy A road, without the dashboard showing any warning lights an with no change to the temperature gauge, the expansion tank blew as the cooling fans did not engage resulting in the engine cutting out leaving me with no steering and running into the high kerb of the central reservation, the impact leaving me with neck and shoulder pain..

General Comments:

Anyone else had similar problems??

Ford are refusing to exchange the car or refund my money although they have offered to exchange it for a LX model or buy my Zetec back for 9000 pounds when I paid 13,500pounds for it in March as a brand new car.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2002

2002 Ford Focus ST170 2.0L petrol from UK and Ireland


Fast, discreet and plenty of fun


So far nothing serious has gone wrong, only a few squeaks and rattles from the interior.

General Comments:

The Honda Civic Type-R is definitely quicker in a straight line, but when it comes to the corners, I'd rather be in the Focus.

Performance from the 170BHP engine is definitely good enough to see off most other cars.

Handling is delicious- but turn off the E.S.P., because it does tend to stop the fun a little too quickly.

Unbelievably comfortable for such a fast car- it is good at pootling about as well as blasting down back roads.

I was lucky enough to have one of the first in the country.

I am surprised at the amount of attention the car has received, as well as the number of people who immediately know what it is.

People say this car is expensive- spec. up a Civic Type-R to the same standard, look at the list price and see what you think.

Only real down side is that the build quality is not what I expect of a £16000+ car.

I believe the ST170 makes a better all-round ownership propersition than its competitors, that is why I bought one!

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2002

10th Jul 2002, 08:16

I have had my ST170 for 7 weeks and agree totally with your comments.

Bags of fun with or with out ESP on.

I have had many sports cars in the past mainly Renault turbos and 16V, but this is the best handling sports car I have ever had the plesure of driving.