2009 Ford Focus 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


I won't buy another car with a space saver spare wheel from any manufacturer!!


Disappointed with the use of a space saver spare wheel; this has given a larger boot space, but I would have rather had the regular spare wheel size.

Black door handles on black door trim make for finding door handles at night; very difficult.

Electric windows on the rear windows and controlled from the front would have been good.

Handbrake is on wrong side for right hand drive vehicle.

General Comments:

Comfortable, reliable car with great motor/weight ratio.

Lots of headroom, stylish.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2009

30th Dec 2009, 08:09

You are not going to buy a car, that you obviously like, again because of a spare tire that you'll probably never use anyhow? I can't think of any manufacturer here in the U.S. that puts a full size spare in any car. Many are going to the inflator sealant kits even, and doing away with the spare all together. Only trucks seem to have a real tire for a spare these days.

You could pick up a full size steelie with a tire for around $100, so I wouldn't pass on a car I liked for $100. Really the spares that they use are just temporary, and you are meant to drive to the nearest service station and get a tire replacement. They aren't meant to be driven on for two weeks until you get time to change them out. If you had a full size tire and blew one of the regular tires, most people would likely drive around for months with a flat tire in their trunk. How safe and secure is that?

2009 Ford Focus SES 2.0 from North America


Fun, reliable and fuel efficient..


Nothing so far is wrong with this vehicle.

General Comments:

I recently purchased a used 2009 ex-rental, and I have to say I am impressed with this car.

It drives very solid, sits up high, and the leather seats are a dream (with heated seats function too).

The car is quiet (for this class of vehicle and price) and it's fun to drive.

I traded in my 2009 Honda Civic for a FULLY loaded Focus SES with all options including leather, upgraded sound system, sunroof, mood lighting, spoiler and more!

My brother and his girlfriend also have 2009 Ford Focus, and after driving theirs, I decided to buy a Focus as well. Test drive and you will see why...

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Review Date: 13th December, 2009

25th Dec 2009, 02:12

I also love my 2009 Ford Focus, and only problem I have is the 17 inch tires in the winter. They are no good. I had to go out and buy 15 inch rims and winter tires just to get around. Beside that, I cannot complain about this car.

14th Apr 2013, 14:33

How does the Focus compare to your previous car: the Honda Civic?

2009 Ford Focus SEL from North America


I am impressed!!



General Comments:

I came from having a 2001 Expedition for 9 yrs. and traded for the Focus. This is a big change for us, but time to try and save some money on gas!!

First impressions... very tight, fit and finish very good, paint is excellent, roomy for a small car. Engine seems to have plenty of pep for this car.

Seat position is high with good visibility all around (does not feel like you are sitting on the ground).

I have the SEL, Silver with black leather, upgraded radio and sun roof. Radio has great sound. Steering wheel has the radio and cruise control on it and is very easy to use.

I will report back later for an updated review after a few more thousand miles.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2009

15th Aug 2009, 10:47

PS... Ford must be reading these reviews. In this 09' SEL they added, interior trunk release, donut spare, and head rests in the rear seats which from previous reviewers said were lacking in the 08's. It also has OD but don't know if previous models had that or not. Suggestions... add interior gas cap lid release and a cargo net in trunk. Happy motoring!!!

2009 Ford Focus SEL 2.0 from North America


Great car for the money!!


None so far.

General Comments:

Just picked up the Focus SEL the other day. I rented one a year ago, and was impressed even with the low end model.

The SEL with the leather seats is very comfortable and rides really nice. The car is tight and quiet, although larger bumps or expansion joints do resonate as you'd expect in a small car, but nothing too noticeable.

I am already getting around 35 mpg in mixed driving on the average.

The SYNC system is really cool too, and I love having the phone hands free with no headsets or anything. Definitely a strong point about the car, feature wise.

One thing I did notice upon looking around for this car is that the base price has jumped a bit since the '09's came out. My MSRP was $19,400 while the rest of the identically equipped SEL's they had were $19,775. A few hundred bucks isn't going to make or break a deal, but it is worth looking into if you can find one that is of the older build date.

All in all, I am very happy with it. It is black with black leather, so it is sharp. I will post future updates and let you know how it is going.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2009

6th May 2009, 11:53

Original poster here. Going well at 750 miles. I do have a minor complaint though with the paint. I have noticed a fair amount of orange peel in the paint job. I thought Ford had gotten better in this area. Just seems to have needed a couple of more passes with the spray gun to be perfect. It is live-able but not up to the standards of the Honda I traded for it. I'll keep posting as I go...