2010 Ford Focus TDCi 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent long distance tourer, as well as being practical


To date, there has been nothing wrong with it.

General Comments:

The Focus is the underrated seller in this segment. It combines performance with excellent fuel economy. The suspension is just right. With great handling and compliant ride, the Focus out handles many larger cars.

Some minor irritations, such as poor interior lighting and a very sharp take up of the clutch. Another irritation is the radio, which tends to have major FM stations not sound as good as they should.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2012

17th Oct 2012, 06:16

I have the 2007 LT version of your car. Have had it since new, and will keep it until the wheels fall off (it's worth barely half what I paid for it now).

I have around 72,000km on it now, and I'm still on the original tyres, which have at least another 10K left in them.

The only warranty issues I've had were the CD player packed up very early and a centre drive line bearing went at 35,000km.

The battery died in early 2011 right before the Brisbane floods; that was expensive.

I've had minor electrical issues, such as the boot light sometimes takes ages to come on, the glovebox light switch stayed on so it needed adjustment, and the 3.5mm Aux socket in the glovebox is stuffed, so I will remove it and solder in a permanent plug lead instead, eventually.

You are right, the interior lighting is utterly woeful, however I'm very impressed with the headlights, especially after installing some Plus 90 H7's.

I absolutely love driving it. I drive a lot of rental cars (Corolla's, I30's etc) for my work, and my TDCi Focus is better to drive than all of them. Last year I drove it down to Hobart and back from Brisbane, with 3 people plus luggage for most of the way, and it was great; 1000+km out of a tank unless fully loaded.

The only thing I don't like is the 1-2 gear shift can be notchy when it's cold; it gradually got worse after around 30,000km. Slightly improved with a gearbox oil change, and hasn't got any worse since then. Now it's out of warranty, I might take it to a gearbox specialist for their opinion.

My favourite part of the car is the engine. My first TD, and I can't see myself ever going back to a petrol engine.

6th Apr 2013, 04:14

Glad to see we agree. My car has covered 50 000 km and I have consistently bettered the 5.6L/100 km fuel economy. Have found when the tank is full, the Kms from full to empty can vary, despite me filling the tank to the brim. Very odd. Just as odd was the car lost some power on one country trip and resorted to a limp home mode. Started it two days later, computer reset itself and has never done it again. Could have been dirty fuel.

Still an excellent car. Handles superbly and still very enjoyable to drive.

2010 Ford Focus 2.0 liter 4 cylinder from Denmark


It is a great car and I am pleased with the overall performance


I had some problems with the headrest, because the position of my head was a bit forward, leading to uncomfortable driving position.

General Comments:

As overall, the road performance is good, I have no remarks. The car is easy to handle, and the steering is fine, even at high speed.

The design is modern and eye-catching.

I am really satisfied with the car, despite some minor inconveniences.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2011

2010 Ford Focus SEL 2.0 from North America


I like this car


Not a thing.

General Comments:

This is an economy car, but the engine has good pep for a 2 litre. I rented one in Cal. a year ago, and got 37 mpg avg for 2 tankfuls, I'm only getting 31 on this car so far, but it is wintertime.

The leather seats are very comfortable; my wife likes them better than our Grand Prix seats!

I did add a K&N typhoon air intake, and it added 2 mpg & better pedal response.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2011

3rd May 2014, 13:13

I now have 62000 miles on this car, nothing has gone wrong at all, and still driving great!