2010 Ford Focus SES 2.0L from North America


For the fuel mileage, buy a truck with more room and versatility


Squealing brakes at low temperatures.

Door panel rattle.

Poor idle quality.

Poor heating / AC.

Poor transmission - shifting / hunting for gears.

Horrible fuel economy.

General Comments:

General looks of the car are aggressive and sporty.

Lots of cabin room in the front.

Engine is peppy, and has great pickup when the transmission decides to function as it should.

Transmission hunts for gears at exactly the same speeds as limits (50 kph and and 70kph).

Kickdown won't happen at part throttle, occurs at 2/3 or more throttle with too much torque steer.

Fuel consumption is horrible. Averages 13+ litres per 100 km (or slightly over 18 mpg) at best. Typically has ranged from 13 to 17 l/100km. We owned a Cadillac STS with a V8, which typically averaged 13 litres per 100km (18 mpg) in the city for comparison sake.

The brakes began to produce a high pitched squeal at 8000km. The dealer noted the rotors were worn enough to cause a groove at the leading edge, which created the squeal. The rotors were turned down, but the squeal still persists periodically.

Door panels are plastic and rattle when cold. More so when music is played.

Overall the car looks good inside and out, but quality is the usual low buck like everything else these days.

We traded "up" from a Yaris hatch for a vehicle with more "quality" and space for a growing family with three children under 7 years old. The rear seats will not fit rear facing child seats behind the driver or passenger. Two booster seats and a central rear facing seat creates problems and frustration with the seatbelt location and fastening.

The trunk is large, but the opening not so much.

When the transmission decides to shift, the car has great pep and will pickup speed great. Don't try to pull out into fast traffic from a standstill - occasionally the car falls flat on its face from a standing start, and you cannot keep up with traffic. Very scary at times.

RPM sweet spot seems to be around 3000 rpm.

Regret selling the Yaris, as the rear seats probably have similar amounts of room, and with the 5 speed, 35 - 40 mpg was normal.

Being the last year of this model, things may have changed for 2011.

For $27000 fully loaded, it hasn't lived up to expectations.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2011

13th Mar 2011, 19:44

18 mpg?!?! You better have it checked out. I get consistently into the upper 20's in cold weather and mid 30's in warmer weather on my 2009 Focus, with an automatic tranny in it. I drive 75 to 80 mph on the highway on open road trips, and still get over 30 mpg. I don't think it would even be possible to get 18 mpg with a Focus unless something was severely wrong with it. Are you driving it around in low gear or without overdrive on when you are on the highway?

I also have no rattles or anything out of the ordinary. It is still as it was on its first day pretty much. The transmission does switch gears slightly erratically once in a while. Electronically controlled trannys always do, due to their programming to save fuel and such. Our Toyota does the same thing. The Focus only has so much power to work with. You can't expect it to feel like 200+ hp when you take off. Mine is adequate, and if I need it to go, it goes just fine with no hesitation.

The heat is weak and takes a long time to get really hot. The AC, however, is awesome on my car and works perfectly. In fact, I have never used the "Max AC" setting under 100 degrees outside. I also have heated seats that compensate for the slow warm up.

All in all, my SEL is a great car for the money. It does what it's supposed to and I didn't expect more than it offers. Maybe you have some kind of computer problems with yours that is causing it to shift erratically and eat tons of gas. It is a 2010, though, so go get it fixed. It is still under warranty!

2010 Ford Focus LV XR5 2.5 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


The Focus XR5 is fun to drive when its working, however its poor reliability ruins it


ABS brake sensor system.

Electronic ignition system.

Fuel cap inlet.

Air conditioning.

Various noises.


General Comments:

I bought this car because of its performance, comfort and general list of features. It has turned out to be the most unreliable car I've ever owned, and I'll soon be trading it in to cut my losses.

The tone wheel (which I believe senses the wheel speed) faulted at only 4000 ks, and this made the brakes sound like they were made of broken granite. It also limits you to 4th gear and makes the instrument panel 'forget' everything. This was fixed under warranty. The ignition system regularly dies temporarily. This means, you get in the car and start it as usual only to find it's dead. It eventually rights itself, but this is not acceptable in a modern car.

I often find the fuel inlet will not allow me to fill the tank and blows fuel back out at me - dangerous and messy.

The air conditioning is a joke. It struggles to make any noticeable cooling, even after 20 minutes on at fully cold and recirculating. In a car of this price, this is well below standard.

I frequently hear grinding noises, clunking and clicking and rattles from all corners of the vehicle. This doesn't inspire confidence.

The clutch is utterly impossible to release smoothly. I've driven plenty of manual cars, and this clutch is like a dog clutch. I regularly stall it, much to the amusement/anger of other drivers. Coupled with the ignition system's habit of dying, it's quite dangerous too.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2010

30th Dec 2010, 00:12

I'm starting to wonder if there is a difference in the build quality depending on where the Focus is built. I have a 2007 LT TDCi that I've had since new and has 51,000 km. It was built in South Africa. The XR5 is built in Germany.

I've had no clutch, ABS, ignition or air con problems (touch wood). The air con isn't as blastingly cold as say a Falcon, but is OK with the Brisbane heat.

The two major things that have gone bad was the CD player at 2500km and the centre driveline bearing at 35000km. But I did have major issues with rattles and clicks from around 5000km, but by around 15000km, they had mostly gone on their own.

It does however clunk from the front end if braking with the clutch depressed at low speeds, which it has done since new.

I was thinking about upgrading to an XR5, but now I don't want to risk it. Going to keep my TDCi I think.

6th Sep 2011, 02:53

I have the XR5 Focus, and have had none of the problems listed. The clutch and gearbox is sensational, the brakes just don't give up, I'm yet to get any rattles, and just absolutely love the thing. I just can't say enough about it.

Don't let one review spoil things for you.. Do your homework if you want to know what the really big problems are with cars. Find their forum sites and look on them.

4th Aug 2012, 00:02

I bought an LS XR5 Turbo second hand to see if I liked it... Loved it so much so that last year I traded it in on a brand new 2010 LV XR5 Turbo. I absolutely love my car, and would recommend one to anyone. My old one had done 67,000 klms with no dramas... my new one has done 21,000klms so far, with no problems whatsoever.