2nd Nov 2011, 20:47

I have 27K miles on the Focus now. It has been a good car overall, but I am dreading going into another winter with it. I probably won't have to drive it much again, so I am not too worried about it overall.

The SYNC has strangely not had any further issues, however, I can't get the phone to answer with the steering wheel button anymore. At least it works though, and I don't have to hold onto the phone.

I will more than likely go back to an import when I do decide to sell this car. I would recommend it overall to most anyone, although I would suggest a set of Blizzaks for winter use!

9th Feb 2012, 09:22

Original poster back again. I haven't been putting many miles on the Focus (29K now), but I did notice a buzzing rattle on larger bumps, so I took it in this morning. They are putting a new left front strut on it.

Also, I mentioned the SYNC issue of not being able to use the steering wheel buttons to control the phone, and the service manager told me Ford is having major issues with the SYNC system in general. I have to take it back and leave it for the day, so they can go through the system and replace all that is failing on it. Even though it works, I still can't use any buttons on the wheel for it, and my address book won't copy into the system like it used to. That's two strikes on the SYNC system to date.

I am thinking about trading it in for an AWD vehicle. I am looking once again at Subaru's, but Ford is offering a nice lease figure on an Escape... or so I thought. Online it says $189 per month for 24 months with $3,613 down, or $2,613 down if you are a current Ford lessee. It is an XLT with AWD and leather, so nice deal right? Wrong... typical false advertising. The salesman I talked to said it would be almost $6K down, and that they were misrepresenting the offer online. So back to Subaru to say the least.

Overall, I am still happy with the Focus, even though a strut failure at such low mileage isn't great. At least it is all under warranty though, but I only have until April for that luxury, so it is on to the next.

One thing I mentioned before was severe rusting at the base of the struts in front. How long will it be before the other one goes? I don't want to find out, nor do I want to pay for it. Luckily as usual I have good equity in the car. The same exact car on the lot was up for almost $18K in their used cars. I owe $8K on mine, so I should be able to get at least $12K or $13K for it privately.

11th Feb 2012, 11:39

By opting not to even HAVE the stupid SYNC system, you save $2000 right off the bat. Ford plays on the computer-nerd attitude to make money. You can order most Fords with a SYNC-delete, and just use your iPhone to make calls or do whatever else is so urgent you have to do it while driving.

14th Feb 2012, 21:44

Um yeah, okay... The base model is okay for you I guess, but the SYNC is standard on the SES and SEL Focus, which were the only two I was looking at.

I actually hardly ever use the phone in the car, but I do like the equipment in my car to function. It's not that the call is important, but when you can drive normally while talking, it is much safer. I feel like I have a passenger in the car instead of like I am talking on the phone.

I definitely wouldn't waste the money on an iPhone either... talk about computer nerd gadgets!

Oh, and the SYNC was only about $350 when I bought this car, not $2,000...you may want to research things a bit before commenting. Now they package it with MyFord, the 6 speaker sound system and an extra 12V outlet, and it still is only $795.

I am switching to a Subaru, which also has bluetooth standard. EVERY car should have it as a standard feature. It is as important a safety feature nowadays as airbags.

22nd Feb 2012, 08:39

Okay... original poster here again. The car will be gone tomorrow as I traded it in. It has been a pretty decent car for almost three years, but I didn't put a ton of miles on it (29K). I am a little disappointed in the strut failure and the ongoing SYNC issues, but other than that, I will miss it a bit.

I am going back to Subaru again, as I missed having an AWD car, even though we haven't needed it at all this year! I also miss having a flawless brand like both of my previous Subaru's were. I'll start a thread on the new car soon, and I'll be hoping the high level of quality I have experienced with Subaru continues...

4th Apr 2012, 06:57

My 2009 Ford Focus paint is peeling behind both rear doors. FMC refuses to fix the problem, because they only do it if it is a rust thru problem. Where this is happening, it is a plastic part, so no rust, however the paint is in my opinion a defective product, either in quality or application. Ford's refusal to address this problem is very troublesome, and should be taken care of by Ford. If you do not want this to happen to you, stay away from Fords, as this is an issue with many Ford models.

22nd Nov 2012, 13:47

I have an '11 SE Sedan (electric blue color). It's a wonderful car; I wash/wax it once or twice each month, and it looks better than cars now in the showrooms!

Gas mileage is WONDERFUL; I get 28/40 instead of 24/35. Only major complaint is that the transmission is a four-speed auto, and it should have been a five.

The interior has a nice rattle from the dashboard when the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but what do you expect from PLASTIC?

I've had 5 Fords and all were wonderful. Not flawless, but machines break every now and again. Much better than the two Toyotas I owned!