26th May 2011, 20:05

Who cares? So you spent an extra 30 cents per gallon so you can smoke the tires on your econobox? Really, did it make that much of a difference in your driving experience? Maybe you should buy better brand cars that run stronger on regular gas. My cars never need "upgrades" to premium to smoke the tires and such.

A cold air induction will add more power than premium fuel will. Trust me, you'll be replacing those front tires every other month with cold air induction. Yahoo!!

27th May 2011, 16:14

As someone who has tried both premium fuel and cold air induction systems on my last two cars, I can attest to the fact that premium fuel makes more difference in power than the cold air systems. Cold air systems make very little difference in power. 7-10 horsepower is the average maximum gained by adding a cold-air system.

27th Nov 2018, 18:37

I know this comment is now 7 years old. But it's irksome. Cars don't get better horsepower with higher octane fuel, but rather they lose horsepower with lower octane fuel. The computer self-adjusts to prevent engine knocking by adjusting compression, thereby losing horsepower. If a car is tuned and recommended to use 87 octane, the computer will not magically raise compression to compensate for higher octane. This is where the myth resides.

27th Nov 2018, 23:28

Read your specific owners manual on specific octane requirements. It’s in print, not a myth. All of my different vehicles take 93 octane. Cheaper than engine knocking. I have also owned mowers and marine engines that are 93 octane The difference in 87 to 93 isn’t that great of cost to fret over. I believe the owners manuals and appreciate new vehicle warranties to be in effect vs getting declined with damage from incorrect fuel octane level. I also hate ethanol, but that’s another topic. Just hoping they don’t raise it more up to 15% in the future.

29th Nov 2018, 04:59

You fail to grasp the point that was being made. A vehicle designed and tuned to run on 87 octane gasoline will NOT have more power if you put 93 octane gas in it. THAT is the myth, and no, you won't ever find it stated otherwise in any owners manual. To the contrary, most owners manuals state that putting premium gas in a car designed to run on regular is a waste of money.

Which it is.