20th Apr 2005, 11:11

Ahh the 2000 Ford Focus SE. What can I say about my little wagon. I too had a front brake and rotor replacement at around 32,000 miles... but get ready for 86,000 miles folks. After keeping the highest maintenance possible on this vehicle I was slapped in the face by FORD today. Seems that the head on this vehicle is nothing more than an old Escort header which was known for dropping valve seats!!! Well guess what?!?! cylinder 4 dropped causing massive internal problems. Thanks FORD!

Now that I think back... after so many recalls I can't remember them all... a leak in the dash that took 3 times for the Ford dealer in Chattanooga to fix... rear bearings that rusted after owning the car 2 months...

Needless to say, this will be my FIRST AND LAST Ford vehicle. If the trade in value was worth a darn it wouldn't make it back into my driveway.

SHAME ON YOU FORD! You've just sent another American to a Japanese vehicle.

24th Jun 2007, 22:07

I've just recently gotten rid of my 2000 Ford Focus Wagon (SE), and I couldn't be happier. Many of the problems mentioned above were experienced by me as well - here's an abbreviated list of issues that I had with this car:

- the lock cylinder in the ignition switch had to be replaced on three separate occasions, and was starting to go again.

- the electrical system had major issues: the taillights would not turn on, nor would the interior display lights (although for a short time, the interior lights would work for 7 -8 seconds if I squirted windshield wash over the back windshield (the wiper itself didn't work, though) )

- the connector on the volume knob was problematic - if I attempted to change the stereo volume from, say, level 3 to 4, it would often jump to, say, level 20+, which of course damaged my speakers (and my eardrums!). Sometimes spinning the knob to turn the volume down would just continuously increase the volume. Very uncomfortable.

- the car seemed to live to destroy tires - in my four years of owning the car, I went through 3.5 sets of all-seasonal tires, even after an average of 2 wheel alignments per year, as well as rear wheel kit work. Also, there was a persistent shake/shim in the entire car as soon as I approached speeds of 70 km/h. No amount of front end work seemed to be able to correct this.

These were the more outstanding and unsettling issues with this car, beyond the normal (if accelerated) "wear and tear". I hear that the quality improved in later models, but I won't be attempting to find out for myself.

10th Aug 2007, 18:08

We bought our Focus SE wagon in 2002 and have had problems with the door not latching and a number of other problems. From day one there was the heater switch, went bad in December; coil springs breaking; lower control arms rear breaking in half; transmission quit working; rear doors will not latch, we have to tie them shut; lower control arms (front) ; ball joints went bad twice driver side, three times passenger side with in weeks. The wiring in the rear hatch shorted out from opening the hatch causing the brake and marker lights to blink when using the brakes. The thermostat housing had to be replaced due to corrosion between the head and the housing build up causing an antifreeze leak and warping the housing. The car has been in the shop every week. My last Ford!!!

17th Jan 2008, 10:53

Warning, early model Ford Focus cars have weak fuel pumps. My Ford Focus left my family on the highway due to the fuel pump wearing out at $60,000 miles. The part is kind of recalled. Ford just lets people tow their cars in with the broken fuel pumps and then the dealership replaces the fuel pump as an extended warranty part.

17th Jan 2008, 16:51

I had my fuel pump replaced under recall at about 60,000 miles... just another defective part Ford put in the '00 Focus.

18th Jul 2008, 08:25

I bought a 2000 sedan Focus on the 3rd of July (2008). It had 136,000 miles. Two days ago on the 16th of July the engine went out. Has this happened to any of you? My dad has a ranger and he is well over 300,000 miles.

6th Aug 2008, 09:32

Some of you mentioned brakes that you replaced at your own expense. I wanted to let you know, that due to a class action settlement with Ford, you may receive a full refund for any repairs or replacements of the front brake pads and rotors that occurred within the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. The refund applies to all original owners and lessees of the model year 2000 and 2001 Ford Focus vehicles purchased or leased in California. There is no "cap" on the settlement. All you need to do if you meet the requirements is file a claim at 866-287-3696 by September 16, 2008. You may also see findjustice.com for more details.

15th Aug 2008, 05:30

2001 Focus SE, 151,000 miles with no problems until now. Dropped #1 cylinder intake valve seat. Busted head, broke the connecting rod. Re-man. head, complete engine overhaul: parts - 990.00, labor - 750.00 (cash). Drove it 280.1 miles as of last night, then rod made a nice little hole in the block. Should have torched it when it dropped the valve seat.


15th Aug 2008, 20:34

Many years ago I had the exact same thing happen to a Dodge I owned after I had the engine rebuilt at 215,000 miles due to oil consumption and smoking. The shop that did the rebuild did not properly tighten the rod bolts, and one came loose and came through the block. Hopefully the shop that rebuilt your engine gave you a warranty. They owe you a new engine.

18th Oct 2008, 11:44

The ignition freezes up. The steering column does not seem to recognize the key. It opens the car door but it's like I'm trying to use a key from a different car.

1st Nov 2008, 03:04

I've heard plenty of negative comments about the first year for the Focus, but I must say that I am extremely happy with my '04 ZTS. Bought it in Dec.'07 with 58,000 km. and I now have 94,000. Drove it from Vancouver B.C. to Toronto and back this summer, and it never missed a beat. My only concern is a 'creaking' sound that seems to be coming from the front end when I drive off, or back up (manual trans.) Other than that, I'm happy.

27th Feb 2009, 13:46

I bought a 2000 Ford Focus SE back in 2006 with 70 thousand miles on it.

I've replaced the engine twice since then... I've had multiple engine problems with this car, I know a mechanic or this car would have cost me a fortune! 6 different times hoses have come undone in the engine, causing it to stall out and have to have it towed. On different occasions it was recalled twice (on the same part! Ford is retarded) because when I would give it gas, the car would putter and have no power...

CD player doesn't work anymore... brakes are fine, drives good. The engine in this car is just god awful... I will never buy another Ford or tell anyone to buy a Ford.