29th Feb 2012, 13:49

Any advice on how to sort out the intake manifold runner control? Was told mine is stuck open... help please.

6th May 2012, 13:32

Just brought a 53 plate 3 door ST170... Full Recaro leather seats, 60k miles, £2800. Did I get a good deal? I think so...

I haven't had to fill it with oil every 5 seconds like its main rival, it looks the nuts, it's quick and tidy around corners... Still looks clean cut and fresh.

If you're considering a Clio (girl's car), then don't, it's french and will just fall apart, and in my opinion the CTR is ugly; same with most Honda's...

7th Apr 2013, 06:40

I have the same problem, IMRC stuck open, please help with any advice.

15th Apr 2013, 15:17

Hi. Bit late to the party here, but I've recently fixed the IMCR in my ST170 and can tell you what to do if you've not already sorted it.

The inlet manifold is the silver box bolted to the bulkhead, approx central under the windscreen. You need to remove this, 3 bolts with rubber backs, just untighten them and tap them out of the holders. Un-attach the cable to the right of the IMCR - you'll see how when you've got this far.

This is the tricky bit... undo the plate on the back of the IMCR, it's siliconed on so you might need a Stanley blade to cut the seal. Inside, you'll see a circuit board on one side, and a series of gears on the other. Undo the circuit board but DON'T pull it out, it's attached with wires underneath. Just enough so you can lift it up a bit. There, you'll see a little spring and a shaft with a fitting on the end, which the spring sits in. The engine management light comes on when the spring comes out and the IMCR sticks open.

Carefully rotate the shaft AWAY from the spring. When you've done a full rotation, the spring should fall back into place behind the raised bit on the end of the shaft. I used a dab of Liquid Steel to keep it there. As Haynes often say, refitting is the reverse of above. Make sure you give the Liquid Steel time to set (not long, a few minutes) and make sure you apply some silicone around the seal (scrape all old silicone off first), then fit it back to the bulkhead. Disconnect the battery for half an hour to reset the ECU, and Bob's yer uncle.

The above probably sounds vague, but it's hard to describe. Read this as you're doing it and you'll see what needs to be done. Good luck!