24th May 2008, 17:57

Remapping a turbo engine is a completely different kettle of fish to remapping a naturally aspirated one. If you get a genuine 10% increase from a non-turbo engine with a simple remap, you've done well. There simply isn't the potential to unlock, unless you start messing around with cams, valve timing and head porting.

Manufacturers set up engines a bit conservatively, but not that conservatively.

25th May 2008, 16:14

I said the turbo helps. Watch this video of a Bluefin on a Zetec S http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gsKEVi9qfsg

28th May 2008, 14:02

Only one mod on an Astra Turbo, and it reduces your 0-100 sprint by 2-3 seconds! Don't THINK SO!!! An extra 20-30 bhp (this is being generous) doesn't give you that good times!

All this fuss about chipping a Focus to beat a 106 or VTS, is rubbish.

Both are poor cars, and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole (only to smash them with it that is!)

29th May 2008, 13:02

No mate, you're not being generous at all. You actually get an extra 43bhp, check the Superchips website rolling road print out to prove it. Superchips develop a remap for each car compatible with bluefins, then when they've got as much power as they can, put it into the little computer and send it out to you. I haven't tested my VXR, but I've got a friend with a Golf GTI, and when they put that on the rolling road, it was exactly what they said it was.

On a final note, 280bhp is enough for 0-100 in 13, and it would be quicker if you could floor the throttle from standing like an Evo or Scooby.

19th Nov 2008, 17:53

Hi, I've owned an MG ZS180 and believe me that thing could shift! 0-60 6.8 seconds 140mph+, have recently sold it and bought a Focus 2.0 esp, very impressive it is too!

I wasn't expecting a whole lot performance wise, but it goes along quite nicely, nowhere near the MG, but not bad! The handling is a hoot, nicely involving, again not a patch on the MG, but it was never designed to be a B-road blaster, although it is very capable.

It can hold it's own against similar power/weight cars and is surprisingly nippy... does need to be thrashed to make serious progress though! This maybe because I've been spoiled, after all MG 2.5 V6, 180bhp, 180lb/ft.

The Focus is better than most would believe, just don't expect too much, 0-60 9secs-ish driver and conditions dependent, 130mph absolute top, no more, remember speedometers over read!! And some decent, fun handling when the road gets twisty, if 205 GTi lift off over steer is your thing then give one a try, you'll be more than happy with the angles you can provoke courtesy of the "control blade" rear suspension set-up!

20th Nov 2008, 14:33

Was your ZS 180 modified? Otherwise you won't have been hitting 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, even official figures are half a second higher than that. The focus has a chassis which is on par with the ZS180 also, maybe not on the standard setup in a basic 2.0 but in the top models it goes around bends pretty well.

23rd Sep 2009, 04:03

2 litre Focus are rubbish, did a timed 0-60... 11 seconds!! The car's too heavy for the engine, its boring to drive and says nothing about the person driving it... go down any road and you're going to pass at least 10 of them!?!

Some people on here are talking like their Focus is some kind of sports car "I've chipped mine", "I've lowered mine", "mine will eat a VTR". Let me tell you... you can do what ever you want to this car and it will still be slow... they're a cheap family car and that's it, you want something fast then get yourself an Astra Turbo.. I did and trust me, unless you've got yourself a RS Focus, you've got no chance.

27th Sep 2009, 14:14

I've got a 2.0 Focus esp. I'm looking at replacing the standard air filter. Whats the best induction kit or replacement element in air box, and do you get much induction roar from the kit?

16th Oct 2009, 07:17

Better cars for the money, and on insurance, would be a Yaris T-Sport or a Citroen C2 VTS. Focuses are heavy and are like cornering an elephant.

15th Nov 2009, 13:34

My 2.0 Zetec esp is slightly modded, stage 1.5 fast road cams, Pipercross venom induction, Powerflow SS exhaust, and a full remap done by Ford Motorsport. On the rollers it has 161.7 Bhp and 154 ft/lb torque. Pulls 0-60 in 8.5 and top end is roughly 135, although she probably had a bit more to give. My Focus keeps with ST170s to 60 and spanks them from 60-100. A VTR is like a toy by comparison. My brother has a Clio 182, and he was shocked with how hard he had to drive to get away from me.

17th Nov 2009, 04:55

Does a 2000 Ford Focus hatchback have ABS?