24th Feb 2008, 07:12

This is the owner yet again. I am happy to announce that worthless hunk of metallic misery has been out of my life for a year.

After my last message I had other continuous problems out of the car. I took it in to the dealership after my battery cables turned red hot and partially melted. I had all of the recalls performed and they installed an OEM fuel pump and gave me back my old one (an Edelbrock). They fixed all of the recalls except for one that they refused to do, which was the drivers seat in some cars suddenly breaking and reclining while the car is in motion. But any way - the fuel pump then promptly went bad in less than 2 weeks after they had my car for a week and a half. They replaced it with another one. It went bad in a month, so I just gave up and reinstalled my Edelbrock. Which was totally destroyed when some illegal immigrant invading criminal rear ended me at 45mph while I was making a turn. Can you believe that I got out of the car and I laughed? I did! I knew finally, FINALLY, God had smiled down upon me and I was getting out of this chunk of excrement.

Only then did I find out that the immigrant didn't have a license or insurance - or a need to obey laws, I suppose. My insurance went up, but at least I got rid of the car. Of course, it was worthless than my pay off, but I was just glad to finally be rid of it.

I shall never buy another Ford product as long as I live. I even refused one as a rental car after the wreck. They simply do not care about the safety of their customers.

7th Jul 2015, 20:47

Author again. Before I stated that there were 5 recalls. Actually, there ended up later being even more. Somehow I forgot to mention that my battery cables got red hot during driving and melted - and no, I was not running anything non stock. Also, I somehow forgot to mention that the driver's seat bolts came loose, and that the back adjustment broke, requiring me to put a toolbox behind my seat.