2001 Ford Focus ZX3 L4 2.0 DOHC from North America


Built Ford tough - about as tough as Pee Wee Herman or Richard Simmons


Fuel pump went out.

Battery cables get hot and wire insulation shows signs of melt. And no, I am not running any thing off of the cables.

Front rotors warped.

Front end easily misaligned.

Radio went dead.

Popped spring tore a hole in the driver's seat and injured driver.

Slave cylinder hydraulic line cracked.

Shifting linkage out of adjustment.

General Comments:

Fuel Delivery System went out. There was a recall on it that no one bothered to tell me about. So I had to put in a new fuel pump before finding out that I could have gotten it done for free.

Hood latch quit working and was stuck down. I had to pull the cable gently (no, I did not break it) to open the hood. Then the thing would not sit down like it was supposed to. Frustrated and unable to afford parts - and needing the car every day for work, I decided on a quick fix. I cut the metal tongue with a reciprocating saw and simply installed hood pins, like the ones on race cars.

Brakes, as on all Fords, went bad and required new rotors. I think those things must be made of lead to warp so easily.

A leak has developed in my slave cylinder. This means my clutch pedal no longer does what it is supposed to. Why did it crack? It's plastic! Amazing that some thing that handles that much pressure is made of plastic. That surpasses cheapness; it is negligence!

While I was under my car I saw that, just as unbelievably, the thermostat cover is also plastic! I mean, we are talking about water running at high temperatures and pressures, with a plastic thermostat cover. This is nuts!

A spring in the driver's seat began boring into my butt. Finally after a week it popped through the cloth and tore a nice little gash in my seat - and my butt and made me bleed a little on my clothing and the chair.

The factory radio quit working in stages. First the light quit coming on. Then it just stopped playing. Fuses were good. Nothing electronic was wrong with the car. It's just junk.

The front suspension is an insanely stupid design. This is also probably why the brakes go bad. But the most noticeable result is the front wheel alignment being totally ruined by only moderate pot holes at only fair speeds.

Simply put - this car is a lemon. It's junk. It has a total of 5 recalls on it. Let's see, one for windshield wipers that quit and sometimes catch fire, another for battery cables that start fires, another on the fuel pump, and yet another for seats that suddenly break and recline while driving down the road.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2006

27th Jun 2006, 14:10

"Built Ford tough - about as tough as Pee Wee Herman or Richard Simmons"

- Ain't that just grand

30th Jun 2006, 23:44

Yeah...this is the author. I forgot to include that the ignition switch went out at only about 65,000 miles. From looking online I learned that this is a common problem, but the NTSB has for some reason not issued a recall on this item. I guess it isn't considered a safety concern. Hopefully some one doesn't find out they have this problem while on rail road tracks... Or if the commonly bad fuel pump causes your car to cut off and forces you to get out of your car and leave it in the middle of the interstate. I guess the folks at the NTSB didn't think about those scenarios. Any way, it cost me $150 and 1.5 hours labor to change the ignition switch. Unfortunately in order to keep my absolutely worthless warranty I had to use the same OEM part that will only do the same thing again. Once I get my new shift cables installed I am trading it in on a new Yaris. The BLOWcus is junk!

2001 Ford Focus Station Wagon SE 2.2 from North America


Great deal, reliable and good looks for the price



General Comments:

Great design and reliability. Fun car to drive, low maintenance, safe and responsive handling on curves. Comfortable and roomy cabin, maybe a bit noisy at very high speeds. Good, above-average CD player and speakers. So far so good!

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006

9th Oct 2014, 21:22

I totally agree, it's been a great car.