2001 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 Zetec from North America




No problems at all.

Gas pedal is too small and to the right to down-shift properly while braking. New pedals should help.

General Comments:

The torquey Zetec engine feels like it has a lot more guts than 130 HP suggests.

The handling is very predictable with quick turn in and a smooth transition to controlled understeer under throttle. No bump steer is evident.

Suspension provides excellent driver feedback under cornering. It loads up smoothly with no sudden weight transfer to the outside wheels or front to back.

Steering could be a little firmer but is communicative.

Wish it came with a limited slip differential gear.

Yet: the engine is very quiet at low RPM and the ride is firm yet smooth. No rattles or buzzes.

It is a blast to drive!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2001

2001 Ford Focus Zetec 3 door SE 1.6 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


If this is what the standard Zetec is like, I can't wait for the Focus RS or the ST170!!!


Nothing yet (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc).

General Comments:

After one long weekend of driving around motorways and small roads in the mountains I have a big smile plastered across my face.

The drive is beautiful... silky smooth. Handling is very sporty on the Zetec. I'm able to drive 10 to 15 mph faster around bends than in the old Punto.

Looks fantastic with the partial dress-up kit (especially with black metallic paint).

I didn't think much of the quickness when I first pulled the car out of the dealership. Then I noticed that I had accelerated up to 80mph in no time at all (up hill). Overtaking is a comfortable, silent and quick operation in the 1.6.

Brakes (ABS) are very responsive. That took some getting used to but I like it.

Extremely comfortable to drive. Loads of room. I've a bad left knee and I have loads of room to stretch and get the kinks out.

6 CD changer/remote control is excellent. Not a single skip on the CD's after driving over pot-holed roads all weekend. The sound is great. Tape is superior to the Blaupunkt I had in my old Punto. The remote is conveniently placed and is quite solid.

Only complaints:

Boot needs to be firmly closed to shut it properly.

Biting point on the clutch is a bit high. I prefer it to be lower.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2001

4th Mar 2001, 10:13

Don't be fooled, it will go wrong. The Ford garage you brought it from will not want to help in any way to put it right. You will be left wishing you still owned that Fiat.

10th Mar 2001, 15:04

That comment is a bit negative, isn't it? Ford, though it has far higher quality than its foreign competitors (or European/Japanese if you're not in the US), will have its lemons - but as carsurvey.org shows, this years model has fixed the most notable lemon-problems.

2001 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0L from North America


Get one, you will *not* be disappointed!


Not a thing! This car is one of the best that we've ever owned...

General Comments:

The only thing that I have a problem with is the *very tight* seatbelts, although I'm sure that this is a necessary safety feature. For a person with short arms (i.e., myself) it can be a hassle at times, but otherwise I have zero complaints with this beautiful car!

Our dealership (Wade Ford of Georgia) was one of the VERY BEST dealerships we've ever experienced - friendly, knowledgable and helpful BEYOND the sale. Impressive!

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Review Date: 17th December, 2000

18th Dec 2000, 05:27

Wait and see, 2500 miles is nothing...

19th Feb 2001, 08:21

I'm with you,

I have put almost 10k miles on my 01 Focus ZX3 and I just love it. I have owned many new cars costing thousands more that don't even come close to the pleasure that I have had with this car. It's so incredible how this car can change from a small person car to a big person car without any sacrifice in comfort. Being 6'5" it's hard to find a big car to fit me. This car was hand tailored. When it comes to performance... don't make me get started. This is just a wonderful car.