2001 Ford Focus ZTS ZTEC from North America


I love the car. Hate the maintenance issues


Water leaks into the passenger side of car, from behind the glove box.

The car makes lots of brake dust, and brake noise.

The struts are making noises.

The check engine light came on at 13,280 miles, and it started to stall at around 40 plus MPH.

General Comments:

I love the car. But with all of the nuisance that it is arousing and dealer being difficult to deal with, I am considering not buying another Ford.

I like the performance of the car, and it is comfortable and welcoming on the inside.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

2001 Ford Focus SE Comfort 2.0L 16v Zetec 4 cylinder from North America


A high performance bargain


The only problem I had with the car is the driver's side front window squeaked when it was put down, but I took the car to the dealership and was immediately fixed and have not had a problem since.

General Comments:

The Ford Focus I own is a SE Comfort car with all the extras, including the Zetec engine, 6 disk CD player, rear spoiler, fog lights, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 16-inch aluminum wheels, and all-door remote keyless entry. I would recommend anyone who can afford it to get all the extras because that just enhances the expensive feel of the car.

I have been very impressed with the expensive feel of the car. The car feels like it should be a few thousand dollars more than what it is actually worth, which for my car was $17,500.

Another impressive thing with the car is its ability to get into a car wreck without sustaining much damage. I was hit from behind at 30 miles per hour and the damage was extremely minor, with only a few scratches and a small dent.

I would recommend anyone getting a first time car or a economy car to consider buying a Ford Focus. Compared to other economy cars, this car is worth what it costs, plus more. I think a test drive is all that is needed to show the greatness of this car.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2001

2001 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 DOHC Zetec from North America


One Focus (ZX3), many talents!


Once when I was transporting my little brother and his buddy, the driver's side seat flip forward release lever broke. All clues point to my little brother's friend as having accidentally broken the part. It still needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

I absolutely LOVE!! My Ford Focus ZX3. I shopped around and researched cars in my price range, I couldn't ignore the over whelming support the ZX3 received in written reviews. Now, as the proud owner of an Infra-red ZX3, I'm glad to say that the reviews were correct, and the ZX3 is a great ride, cheap, sporty, roomy and more than one could ever expect in such a little car.

My one and only hang up with my ZX3, lays in its lack of readily available torque. In addition, I find that the motor is too quite for my taste, others may enjoy the silence but I like the sound of a few more valves and a stronger exhaust note.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2001

18th Jul 2003, 11:35

A few more valves? The engine has four valves per cylinder.

That's the same as the V8 in a Corvette. And the Focus has one more camshaft.

22nd Oct 2003, 17:03

The power in this car doesn't really come on until about 4k RPM's. that's the advantage of getting the 5-speed. it also makes a decent exhaust note when you rev it a little higher.

4th Feb 2005, 11:16

If you want to add some more of a deep throaty sound to your Focus, take off your intake air box resonator.

23rd Oct 2005, 11:24

I love my 2001 ZX3. Even with the recalls, the dealer was great in fixing me up and getting me back on the road.

I have one question that I cannot find an answer to? Can anybody help!

My passenger seat back lever came off in my hand with barley any pressure applied to it. I am wondering if this is a huge repair? It is hard to get people in and out of the cars back seat with the lever not working.

I am not referring to the front recliner handle, but the larger "pull" handle near the back of the seat?

I can be emailed at LGbigfoot@yahoo.com.