20th May 2006, 02:39

Ford dealers seem to be very poor on customer service!

20th May 2006, 17:08


Sailing against the flow here, but I like my C-max 2.0TDCI a lot - quick, nice to drive.

Suppose after my previous encounter with a Scenic and those hostile hopeless Renault dealers only way is up.

My local Ford dealer is just as incompetent as the rest, but is at least friendly with it.

Wouldn't trust any main dealer with a pram if I didn't have too.


28th Jun 2006, 15:43

Had a C-MAX from new for two months when it broke down, as it wouldn't go into gear. RAC bloke said the gear linkages hadn't been put in right from the factory and it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Fuel flap literally snapped off in my hand! And Ford wanted to charge £100 to replace it! Did it myself for £30.

Also exhibits similar problems regarding starting and fuel economy. Had no problems with the Focus, but this has put me right off Fords.

13th Jul 2006, 10:16

My parents' C-Max 1.6 diesel automatic is in the garage for the 14th time in a year. It's consistently lost power at crucial moments (pulling out at t-junctions, driving along the motorway etc), has regularly puffed out black exhaust and sometimes has even broken down completely. Each time, the Ford dealers try something new and declare that the car is fixed. Each time this is proved not to be the case.

The dealer is nice, but apparently ineffectual, Ford customer services have been hopeless. My parents have no faith in the car and want their money back. This apparently is 'impossible'.

We all think the car is unsafe (it's not like it's just the windscreen wiper breaking down). You just can't trust it to give you power when you need it.

Can anyone help? My parents are OAPs and don't have a lot of money. They can't afford just to write this car off and buy a new one. Who'd buy it anyway?

26th Aug 2006, 02:25

14 times in one year! Sounds like the car wasn't of "merchantable quality" (see sale of goods act). I suggest you visit the Citizens Advice Beau. to see if they think you have a case for a full refund.

7th Jan 2007, 06:53

I'm in the process of starting legal action against the dealer we bought the C-MAX 2.0 Ghia from. I was horrified by the comments on this site as they are the same issues we've had. My wife is now scared to drive the car due to the cutting out at unexpected times whilst crossing or pulling into traffic. Of course we've been told over and over again that this is not a wider issue by the dealer and by Ford.

We have had the car in well over 10 times to the dealer for a dead battery, windscreen fault, electric hand-brake stuck on (nearly caused another accident), radio faults, poor too bad fuel consumption from the start, cutting out, bad running, grinds to a halt and needs a key off and on reset. We've had enough now as it's just not "fit for purpose".

Strange, it also pulls to the left as per one of the comments above and the dealer keeps telling me they can't find it. Strange, I take my hands off the wheel at 60 and there she pulls (to the left).

I can say that this is the worst (by a long long way) car I've ever owned in my last 23 years of motoring. I'm even more angry now I've read this is not just isolated to my vehicle. I'll be taking this up with Ford Motor Company tomorrow.

We have now refused the vehicle back from the dealer engaging our solicitor to say enough is enough.

8th Jun 2007, 14:49

For one year of driving we did not any problem (over 20.000 miles) with our C Max.

Our model 1.8 TD Ci is excellent for the highway, very fun and comfortable. Plenty of space, extra driving control, very good hi-fi system, nice interior design and reliable consumption (6,2/100km on the road, 9,0/100km at the city).

I cannot imagine that you have problem with C Max, maybe some of yours just are not lucky person?

Victor, Serbia.

7th Nov 2007, 06:40

Reading all that bad comments about C-Max, I'm really surprised. I have had my own 2.0TDCi purchased on April 2006 and till now there are no problems at all. Real consumptions from 5,0lit. (130kmh\h) to 8,5lit (190kmh\h) makes me feel happy to have this car!I don't think this is a matter of luck. However I have to mention the engine's hesitation at 1900rpm that scared me the first months as I thought it was a pump's problem. I totally agree with the fact that unsatisfied customers report any malfunction as this make the motor companies try harder to present better cars.

Dimitrios, Hellas

27th Jan 2008, 15:33

My Ford C MAX does not like the rain; after heavy rain when it is parked, the courtesy hazard & windscreen wipers all come on; this has happened on four occasions. The RAC were called out and made repairs.

I was advised on the second occasion to take the car to the dealer for inspection. They had it there for over a week. When I picked it up I asked what had been done. They told me they had replaced the turbo as the car had been losing power. I asked about the faults it had been brought in with and was told they had been rectified. "the car had not been losing power."

One year down the road and the car has the same faults. "Water ingress to the fuse box according to the RAC." but according to the dealer, the whole dash will need to come out to investigate the problem, which is not covered by the warranty, and I would need to pay for 8 hours labour to investigate the problem. I think this is just a case of we don't know, so lets try scaring the ---- out of him and he may go away. Looking forward to the fight.

17th Feb 2008, 14:40


Nice car, but twice the power assist has failed; not a nice experience! On the first time, my local Ford dealer had it in the garage for a week. Unfortunately the same problem has occurred again. Now I am going back again.

Has anyone else experienced the same fault with the CMAX? Is it common?

6th Mar 2008, 03:59

My parents brought a Ford C-Max Zetec and it has dreadful and a money pit. It has been in the garage 15 times in the last 14 months. and is currently unfixable.

It started with poor fuel consumption and a lack of power pulling away. The dealer plugged in the computer and said it was fine.

Shortly afterwards it started smoking heavily and failed the MOT on emissions.

The most distressing thing was that it went into "limp mode" on the motorway while traveling at 70 mph. This meant that my disabled father was reduced to crawling along the motorway and the police followed him home. This has now happened more times than I care to count.

We now have the car in the garage. The dealership will accept no liability for the car. Another garage will not buy it because of the service history, and Ford have washed their hands of it, saying it is the dealerships problem.