28th Jan 2011, 09:50

Had my C-Max 1.6 Diesel Auto since new in 2005. Never had any problem with it, except for being told the electric brakes may be binding a little by my mechanic. Was all sorted out when the worn rear discs were replaced.

Is sluggish. That was the only thing. I average over 45mpg, and this rises to 55 on long runs.

Credit where it's due, I love the thing.

So sorry to hear about others with problems.

Ps, did you guys know the gearbox is German and the engine from a Peugeot.

6th Oct 2011, 09:51


We bought a 2008 C Max TDCi 1.8 with 30k on the clock at the beginning of this September. We then went off to France for our holidays. This is when the trouble started. Basically the car engine dies after we have been driving at around 70 mph on the motorway for couple of hours. As we slow down to stop for the péage, to get some petrol or at a junction, the engine cuts out as we get to about 10mph. This happened about three times on our way south, once on the fast lane of the A6. Each time it happened, the car became harder to restart. We ended up being towed off the motorway in Provence when the car refused to start at all. Needles to say the Ford garage it was taken to could find no fault.

We had the same problem on our return, the car dying or trying to die about 4 times, again after driving for some time (this time about 60 mph) on the motorway. Each time it was harder to restart (fifteen minutes at the Calais péage, big traffic jam behind us and a missed ferry). The thing finally died on a slip road coming off the M20, the Highway Agency towed us off as it was a live lane and therefore dangerous. We were then towed home. The following day the car dealer took the car back and tested it for ages, guess what, they could not find a fault, so they refuse to give us our money back or change the car. It's interesting that so many others have had similar problems. I'd really like to hear from anyone else who have had this kind of problem, and how they sorted it out. I actually really like the car otherwise. It's sitting, unused outside our house, £9,000 worth of uselessness.

30th Nov 2011, 07:56

I have a dead 2006 C Max 1.8 TDCi. When turning a corner or waiting at traffic lights, the car dies. It has a so called intermittent electrical fault. A Ford main dealer wasn't interested, and a local garage replaced the fuse box. A few miles later, the car died again. What is wrong with the C Max??? It is a very dangerous car, and just a heap of metal now. I might have to scrap a 5 year old car with only 35000 miles. Don't buy one.

8th Mar 2013, 01:43

Did you get your water leak in fuse box sorted? Did they tell you where the water was coming in? I do realise it was some time ago, but your help would be greatly appreciated.


20th Apr 2014, 02:55

Was it easy to sort the gear linkage problem?