1st Oct 2012, 20:50

Notice that they stated "a lonely stretch of highway".

4th Oct 2012, 17:05

I do not care however you try to justify it - anyone who drives like that should lose their license for life - period!

4th Oct 2012, 17:06

Please drive to the nearest RMV and ask them to shred your license for you - time to take the bus.

5th Oct 2012, 17:57

I guess you never exceeded the speed limit one time or another? Please!

6th Oct 2012, 17:33

I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of law abiding drivers out there that DO NOT justify reckless driving as some folks on here seem to do.

Since you asked - I OBEY all traffic laws including the speed laws, and again if any of you think driving 100mph on public roads is okay - then you should not be afforded the PRIVILEGE of a driver's license.

7th Oct 2012, 09:15

You don't have to point it out to me that there are reckless drivers on the road, I see it everyday.

I just find it funny that it bothers you reading about it on a site like this, where you have no idea who or where they are (the "Fusion guy" that is).

7th Oct 2012, 23:36

And how about the dummies who are on their Honda motorcycles that pass people out of nowhere on the interstate. I'll usually top out at about 85 on a highway, and believe me, when those guys come out of nowhere, they are doing at least 120.

8th Oct 2012, 11:27

As someone who has had both friends & loved ones killed by such idiotic drivers who thought they "they" were somehow better drivers than they were, and had a license to drive like drag racers and stunt drivers on public roads, I will advocate for lifetime driving bans for folks who brag about driving like this, wherever they may be (and for all you know, they could live a block away from you).

8th Oct 2012, 18:03

Wow, you really are getting offended by one comment of a reviewer, who was just trying to give an honest opinion of the vehicle. Driving fast on a empty highway is far less dangerous than those that drive distracted or just aren't paying attention. Then there are the senior citizens that drive dangerous SLOW on the highway, IN THE PASSING LANE!

There are a lot of really dangerous things that people do behind the wheel, and sometimes get others killed in the process. It's a shame that you are being so hostile toward one reviewer for a passing comment on the performance capabilities of the vehicle. Please don't read any reviews for Corvettes, Mustangs, or Porsches!

9th Oct 2012, 00:02

I've always wondered how people "come out of nowhere". I guess they must have invented inter-dimensional travel.

9th Oct 2012, 09:11

My intent is not to come across as hostile, my intent to to remind people that driving as described is illegal & dangerous, and I can only hope nobody else loses a loved one due to the reckless actions of another.

Sorry but it is reckless to test drive a vehicle in that manner, and I'm sure most dealers would rather folks who think otherwise take their business elsewhere.

9th Oct 2012, 13:35

Easy - the Internet makes everything accessible... to everyone. There's no club membership, there's no vetting. Everything has a trade-off, unfortunately.

3rd Dec 2012, 16:39

"My intent is not to come across as hostile..."


4th Dec 2012, 08:37

So are you DEFENDING reckless driving? Hmmm...

4th Dec 2012, 14:19

It always amazes me to read reviews griping about a car's performance or comfort, when those attributes should have been quite obvious in a test drive. I have no sympathy for anyone who buys a car without doing a thorough job of testing the car's acceleration, cornering and braking capabilities.

5th Dec 2012, 11:28

You know, when it comes to defending pedestians against reckless drivers, perhaps a touch of hostility isn't necessarily a bad thing. Certainly anyone who has lost a loved one as a result of a reckless driver would understand.

6th Dec 2012, 14:49

I have no idea what prompted all these comments regarding "reckless" driving and "pedestrians". Since when is properly test driving a car dangerous to anyone? I would never test drive a car on city streets, nor would any car-savvy potential buyer. I have a test course I use in my area where I can test speed, cornering and braking potential quite safely. There is a stretch of isolated rural interstate where runs up to 100 mph are totally safe, and deserted rural roads with twisty turns to test braking and cornering. I have never had a salesman who accompanied me ever voice any objection to my testing the car's limits, and if he did, I would simply take my business elsewhere. In most cases no salesman even bothers to accompany me. I am a distinguished looking elderly professional who happens to be very concerned about properly testing any vehicle before I spend tens of thousands of dollars on it.

7th Dec 2012, 11:22

Driving as described, if I were the salesman, I'd ASK you to take your business elsewhere.

10th Dec 2012, 18:44

I would constantly close and ask for the order throughout the presentation and test drive. And then ask if there are family or friends that would love to have one residing at their home. The ones that have no intention of buying and waste my time, I would hopefully send them on their way in a nice way. That's what salespeople are about. I buy new Corvettes and will not do any test drives like I am in a parade. A couple selected short bursts in a well isolated area and my checkbook is out again.

11th Dec 2012, 17:41

The instant impression one gets from a car salesman who discourages properly utilizing the full potential of a car, is that the car is obviously not a very good car, and can't compete with the competition.

12th Dec 2012, 13:28

The instant impression I got from customers like that, was that they didn't have the money for a movie ticket, and that their idea of entertainment was beating on someone else's car. I was an award winning & the leading salesman at virtually every dealership I ever worked at, until going into management before I retired, so I must have been doing something right.

14th Dec 2012, 19:51

Some years back my wife and I went to a local Ford dealership to try out a new Mustang. The salesman demanded we drive the car on a very short, very slow route. We handed the keys back to him and drove 12 miles to another Ford dealership. They tossed us the set of keys to a new V-8 Mustang, said "Have fun!" and walked back inside. Less than an hour later we drove our new shiny black Mustang home. No test drive, no buy.

15th Dec 2012, 13:56

I certainly hope you purchased the car you test drove.

15th Dec 2012, 17:02

How could a car salesman who refused to allow customers to test drive cars become an "award winning" salesman?

17th Dec 2012, 18:44

As a former car salesman, I can assure you that no potential buyer can come remotely close to abusing a new car compared to a dealersip's sales staff and service personnel. I fondly remember the burn out contests with the cars, cutting donuts on the back lot and 120mph blasts down the freeway while "checking them out". One of my fellow salesmen actually did major body damage to a new car while horsing around in it on the lot. It was repaired in our body shop and sold to a clueless customer who had no idea it had repaired damage. The real irony was that that same salesman bought a new car, and years later discovered that IT had had major body damage! People have no idea what their "new" cars have been through before they buy them. A big percentage of new cars have had body damage before ever being sold.