1st Jul 2012, 19:36

Great review!! Very informative, and I appreciated your contrast with the older Town Car, because I think a fair amount of former Lincoln owners would consider a Fusion.

I agree that the Fusion is a great car. I love the styling also; it is conservative, but also classy. I believe it will age gracefully compared to some of the newer cars such as the Sonata. The driver door keypad is a wonderful feature, and I've never understood why the other manufacturers do not incorporate them.

Ford's SYNC system is not too bad when you actually take the time to learn it... compared to BMW's awful i-drive, it's a godsend. I suspect that over time, all of the car makers will get better at this.

For anyone reading this review and considering a hybrid, do try the Fusion hybrid. It is arguably the best hybrid in the industry, and unlike most of them, it actually has some style! Not like a vacuum-cleaner on wheels ;)

Soon an all-new completely redesigned Fusion is coming out. I hope they don't screw it up, since the current car is so good.

2nd Jul 2012, 19:33

Wow, that was some review. Of course it leaves us all with the obvious question; When are you going to buy one??? LOL.

SYNC actually works quite well, but I think the system is designed to "learn" your voice over time. Since you rented this, that may have been the problem; she didn't recognize your voice. It probably would have gotten better over time.

My views on this car are all good too. The next review down, on the SPORT model, is mine. Try not to pay all the commenters too much mind; some old people were complaining about how fast I said my car goes in my review. Truth is, old drivers are far more scary than some young guy driving fast! LOL.

Really, you should buy one of these if you liked it so much. The factory doesn't make this particular body style any more, but there are still plenty on the lots as of the time I'm writing this.

FYI, I fell in love with the Fusion by driving a rental too. Seems to happen a lot...

3rd Jul 2012, 12:37

I think "young guys" driving fast should have their licenses shredded. They are endangering the lives of others. PERIOD.

3rd Jul 2012, 19:34

Some years back we needed a car for our dog and purchased a 2006 Fusion SE I-4. We fell in love with the car, and ended up driving it far, far more than either our SUV or our sports car. It is a great driving, great handling car that has ample power and gets an awesome 38 miles per gallon on the interstate at the speed limit. We have not had a single problem with the car, and Mom was so impressed that she bought a Lincoln MKZ (exact same car with more ego appeal for rich folks).

We've owned German and Japanese imports, and the Fusion is much better in every respect.

4th Jul 2012, 20:55

Slow drivers are actually more dangerous. Going with the flow of traffic, regardless of speed, is more important than sticking to an arbitrary speed limit number. Everyone who actually has to be somewhere is busy trying to pass the duddly-do-rights who don't know how to use the right pedal. And especially people who don't get up to the speed limit (at least) by the end of the freeway on ramp. Ridiculous. People who go slow (even if it's at or over the speed limit) in the left lane cause terrible pile-ups and make others have to pass on the right, which is dangerous. On limited-access roads such as interstates, there is no reason to drive the speed limit or slower unless the weather is bad. If you cannot keep up with the flow of traffic, get a chauffeur.

5th Jul 2012, 19:43

And you wonder why insurance rates are high?

5th Jul 2012, 19:52

Not to mention highway death rates.

Those who think like you should turn in your licences, you shouldn't be driving on public roads.

I have lost far too many friends & family members to drivers who think like you.

Those driving the speed limit are following the law - those speeding are breaking the law - a driver's license is not a right, it is a privilege, and should be reserved ONLY for those who respect the road & human life.

6th Jul 2012, 14:43

Actually, I couldn't agree more with 20:55. And I'm not a wild "kid". I'm a respectable senior citizen, car enthusiast and former stunt driver. The biggest hazards on the road are people who don't know how to go with a smooth flow of traffic. It is the violent slowing down caused by timid drivers who creep onto freeways at 30 miles per hour that are far more hazardous. Also, those who come to a full stop at "merge" signs are an accident waiting to happen. "Merge" means just that: speed up and blend with the traffic flow. Every day I see people panic braking or swerving off the road to dodge such drivers. I generally just pass them on the right and merge into traffic, rather than trying to slow down and risk getting rear-ended.

7th Jul 2012, 20:12

With all due respect Mr. Stunt driver - you are comparing apples & oranges. What you describe are bad drivers, not drivers obeying the traffics.

Funny the measures people will take to justify their breaking the law.

The cemeteries are full of folks who "over-estimated" their driving skills, & unfortunately also full of their victims.

Reading some of these comments makes me think it is time to re-test drivers every few years, & institute a 3 strike & you're out policy. 3 speeding tickets within 5 years, you lose your license for a year. Every ticket after that you lose your license for 2 years and keep doubling it. If you get 10 speeding tickets - lifetime ban on driving.

I'm for even tougher laws for DUI's & at fault accidents.

Time to get the bad drivers off the roads - young & old.

PS - Keep your "stunt" driving on the track & away from my family.


7th Jul 2012, 21:08

Another very dangerous behavior is stopping on interstates or freeways during storms. Just today my wife and I were driving home from a trip, and monitoring a strong storm on our iPhone. We were approaching another interstate that ran perpendicular to the one we were on. It appeared that we'd reach the junction about the same time as the storm did.

Sure enough, just as we got to the entry ramp to get on the other interstate, heavy rain hit. Then my wife screamed "My God! What are all those idiots doing!" Cars were stopping all over the entry ramp just as the storm was hitting. I knew that we could very easily outrun the storm as we were headed the same way it was. I ran the gauntlet of stopped cars, and got into the fast lane of the interstate. Thankfully no morons were stopped in it. We were able to maintain 70 mph (the posted speed limit) and we outran the storm in 90 seconds. Forty-five minutes later we were dining comfortably in a restaurant well away from the storm, and reading news updates about all the stopped motorists who were battered by damaging winds and golf-ball sized hail.

Since no storm known moves at faster than 70mph (and those are extremely rare), one can easily outrun any storm without even breaking the speed limit. Stopping in one is one of the dumbest things you can ever do.