11th Oct 2012, 14:35

Yes, it's well equipped, but I would have preferred the Chrome Appearance package and the cross traffic system, but otherwise it's loaded. It's a nice vehicle.

23rd Jan 2013, 16:30

I've been a big fan of the Fusion ever since it came out in 2005, and I own a first-generation Fusion that has proven to be a fast, solid and great handling car.

I was not at all surprised to read today that the 2013 Fusion is the best handling mid-sized car Consumer Reports has ever tested, and the hybrid version gets the highest mileage of any hybrid tested. Ford is now way ahead of cars costing twice as much.

I was also very happy to read yesterday that fully 80 percent of Americans now would actually pay MORE to buy domestic products. Not only are domestic car makers building the world's best cars, but it appears that Americans are strongly supporting their own industries once more.

24th Jan 2013, 08:03

Yes, Consumer Reports liked the Fusion a lot, and they did they call the Titanium version the best-handling midsize sedan they have tested.

However, you failed to mention they also said that the Fusion's turbocharged four-cylinder engines "fall short in both acceleration and fuel economy," when compared to the "Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Toyota Camry."

They also found fault with the "MyFord Touch infotainment system", stating that "it’s needlessly complicated and finicky to use."

Another detail you forgot to mention was that they stated that their test Fusions "had multiple ill-fitting body and trim parts."

So like all cars, the Fusion has its pros and cons, as to my knowledge the "perfect car" has yet to be built.

24th Jan 2013, 14:41

The 2013 Fusions tested by Consumer Reports were pre-production models that were rushed through quickly in order to make them available on time to CR. There are always numerous problems with such cars that don't show up in production models. That, combined with CR's well-known bias toward imports, should be a very strong indication of just how good the new Fusion really is.

25th Jan 2013, 16:20

I knew you would take the import bias route when offered an objective opinion on the CR review. Tell me though, how did CR BUY pre-production models. Pleased go back and re-read the review, I believe that they bought EARLY production models.

I hope that you will correct the misinformation if that is the case, as would I.

Thanks :)

25th Jan 2013, 16:26

Aha! They were production models - here's a direct quote from the CR review:

"And our cars, which we bought soon after the Fusion went on sale, have multiple ill-fitting body and trim parts."

26th Jan 2013, 10:24

There has never been any doubt about CR's very obvious bias toward imports. They've even admitted it. In 2007 they raved about the new Camry based on their "assumption" that it would be a good car. They later retracted their recommendation after it proved to be unreliable. To me, that is definitely a very obvious bias.

It is also very typical for a manufacturer to rush early samples of cars through production in order to make them available to testing agencies. Many reviewers note in their reviews that the cars were early examples that had not had all the minor kinks fully ironed out. Virtually every review by USA Today's automotive reviewer makes note of this. It is extremely common for test models to fall short of the level of quality on cars sold to the public.

27th Jan 2013, 13:20

If you feel they are biased, I would suggest that you stop selectively quoting them when it suits your needs. This only lessens your credibility, in my humble opinion.

21st Feb 2013, 14:50

I originally posted on this car; and thus far it's been great. Only problem is we just found out baby #3 is on the way, so it's time to get back into a Flex LOL.

25th May 2013, 01:22

Congratulations for the addition to your family, and a very wise choice, staying with a safe and reliable Ford.

25th May 2013, 13:20

Yes, congratulations on the new arrival. I'm also glad to see you sticking with an American car company and supporting American industry. Not only do Ford and GM help our economy, but they also build much better cars. The Ford Focus is the world's best selling car for the second straight year.