25th Nov 2019, 12:43

Well that’s not an issue today. You can go to Crutchfield or places like Vintage Radio. Crutchfield has been my favorite since the 80s. I have had many classic cars and did newer ones. No cutting up dashes or cutting wires. You buy the kit for each car. The last time I used Crutchfield was on a Mercedes SL roadster; used stock openings with far better speakers. Far better radio. I suspect you like the stock push button look and you can get that stock look. But who wants just AM? I have a 70 SS with an Alpine system, hidden amp mounted in the rear trunk wall with a sub. So the big block doesn’t drown out the music. I had that professionally done to take part of the interior out and reinstall with Monster cables. And hidden LEDs, interior unseen, but neat for shows or an evening cruise night. I like the completely stock look, and you can do it with planning and buying right. Some of the aftermarket radios look completely stock.

There’s times too when it is nice to hear a V8 shifting through the gears instead of listening to a sound system. My only downside is I lost a spare tire in the process. But in 10 years it’s never broke down, had a flat or needed towed. Great rebuild. Just save your old working AM radio for the next owner. Can always go back in. Some guys never have any radio. Ordered as a radio delete car with a cover plate. Pretty neat to see on cars that were raced. Taking out every ounce of unnecessary weight.

Good luck; with care you will be really impressed after your modern retro look stereo is all in.

25th Nov 2019, 16:46

Put it in the glove box and leave the original in the dash for a nice nostalgic look :)

25th Nov 2019, 20:42

That’s a terrible idea. Now you are cutting up the dash liner in a big way for depth and to fit. And it may not be aftermarket for the time you do it right. I’d really pass on that idea. Don’t cut anything inside the dash. The glovebox liner or wiring needs a big cutout to do. Get the aftermarket kit with no cuts. I doubt the remote would fire through the glovebox with it closed. Again here’s a case where I wish we could put up nice photos of very clean install. I corrected one of these in glove box messes. Found a replacement out of a junkyard long ago. Hope you appreciate the input.

28th Nov 2019, 23:35

Do you really think someone is going to appreciate your input after you have insulted their terrible idea?

29th Nov 2019, 22:51

Since it wasn’t the owner's car, no issue. I would advise anyone directly to avoid cutting up a car. How many on this review even have a 65 Galaxie? I don’t. I’ve lived during periods of minimal OEM and aftermarket parts support. With such great reproduction parts that mimic the originality of a push button radio for this very car, why cut or butcher a dash or correct glove box liner? One more thing to have to correct later. Carefully box up any decent OEM parts of every description from your car. If you ever sell, the new owner will be happy. My biggest mistake ever was throwing out my correct T-3 working headlights for modern safer halogens. I lost points at car shows. I can’t see running 2 radios. I also despise cutting wiring harnesses. I just did a replacement due to age. Vs painless wiring. If it’s just for you, do whatever. For some of us cutting up original cars for street rods or rat rods is painful. I saw one that a guy hid the radiator now has 2 under the car to make a rat. A beautiful radiator gone on the front.