2nd Dec 2001, 11:25

I had a Sharan with the same problem. VW dealer did not have a clue. Luckily I put it in writing what the problem was & my guess at the solution, because it got worse and eventually took out the ECU mounted under the front passenger seat. I told them it was down to their lack of expertise, and, having had confirmation from a Ford dealer as to the cure, to give them due credit, they cured the problem and replaced the ECU free of charge, out of warrenty.

Ford dealer is Farnborough, VW Farnham (Hants / Surrey)

Yes, it is blocked drains on the heater air intake, but I could not find them either.

26th Jan 2002, 12:12

Further to my note on the Sharan, looking back I found the air intake filter might have been the cause - there are 'D' & 'O' section versions & if the wrong one is fitted...

10th May 2002, 10:17

My 1997 Galaxy suffers from the same problem. The passenger foot-well and the compartment behind housing the ECU fill with water if the car is parked on driven in heavy rain, casing the electric windows and central locking to fail. On the most recent occasion my wife described it as "like water coming out of a tap"! My regular garage could not find the drain-holes, so I was forced to take the car to my local Ford dealer. They cleaned them out for a charge of £98.00, but openly stated, in answer to our question, that the problem might well reoccur in a few years' time, when the drainage system clogs up again. We contacted Ford UK's Consumer Services by 'phone, and they offered (eventually) to pay 25% of the cost, but since this is a known design fault with this model (newer ones apparently have the ECU in a different place, although I don't know if they still let in water) I think they should fix the fault permanently and pay for it. My complaint is on-going.

9th Jul 2002, 10:10

I have a VW SHARAN and like most of the above messages it leaks water into the passenger foot well after heavy rain. Are these mysterious drainage holes the ones located under the wheel arches. If you push a plastic tube up these holes it eventually comes out in the engine compartment next to the heater intakes. I have shoved this plastic tube into both sides of the vehicle via the wheel arches and have not experienced any problems since.

The coil pack did pack up (killing the car in heavy traffic),before cleaning these out, as it is located close to the offending heater unit I wonder if water ingress may be responsible.

10th Jul 2002, 02:08

I to have had this problem on my SHARAN. If you remove the plastic cowling inside the wheel arch, the drainage hole is revealed. It might be easier to remove the four nuts closest to the door and move the platic cover to one side. The drainage hole can be cleaned out if blocked, it has a rubber flap over it that can become stuck. You might consider removing the flap before replacing the plastic covering in the wheel arch.

5th Jan 2003, 09:30

We too have a Sharan which is flooding, overnight, into the well under the passeneger seat. Garages had no idea what to do and now the locking and window system has developed a mind of its own.

Does the ECU dry out and go back to normal or will I have to buy another?

Has anyone had any luck get compensation from VW for replacing this?

10th Feb 2003, 07:36

I have owned a 1996 Galaxy 2.0 GLX for three months, and since then have been having problems with the smell of petrol in the car. It only seems to do it on stop start journeys, not on long runs. Changed vapour valves leading from the petrol neck. Still no different. All ideas appreciated.

Thank you, MARK.

28th Feb 2003, 16:45

Hi. my family have owned a 1996 galaxy from new and we had water problems, but after two years it is now solved. My problem is the automatic gearbox. We had a new gearbox fitted by ford to our 2.8 galaxy two years ago. Every so often it jams in 3rd gear, we have been told by VW that this is a get you home setting, but it will then just re set and all gears will work OK? Has anyone had this problem and can you tell me how to fix it PLEASE HELP


9th Jun 2003, 03:39

Problems with fuel smell in the cabin are due to the fuel vapour pipe becoming disconnected. This is situated behind the drivers wheel arch, and removes excess fuel vapour that doesn't get burnt in the ignition stage. The EU have stated that most (if not all) fuel vapour must be recycled - re-burnt by the engine ignition system, but any excess after this is then passed out via this pipe. A local Ford dealer finally fixed the problem, but it did take them a while to work out where the smell was coming from, and what the problem was.

16th Nov 2003, 06:51

Galaxy electric window problem.

I have seen a lot of electric window problems from Galaxy owners on this site. My drivers side window doesn't respond at all to the switches, but I can control the passenger side window which does go down, but not up. The passenger window does work using its own controls.

I have seen this exact problem listed before, and wonder if anyone knows the solution. How do I get the door trim off to check the motor and switches?


18th Nov 2003, 16:46

I have a 2002 Ford Galaxy 1.9tdi auto, and would you believe it, the gear box has gone on it.

I've had real nightmares with my local garage. I had rang the garage 5 weeks ago stating that my vehicle was not going into 3rd gear and the problem was intermittent, so they had my car for 3 days, saying they could not find a problem with it.

2 weeks ago I experienced the same problem; again I rang their service department and they said that I had to wait 2 weeks till the end of November to get my car seen to. I said that was not on as it was a repeat repair. I then phoned the service manager and he said that I should bring in my car for Tuesday.

Last week I left the car there on Friday. As I was driving to the garage, the problem occurred again, and as I reached the garage I told the service guy behind the counter that the problem was there now and he should get someone to come out with me. He said there was no one available, upon which I said to him, fine, I want the car fixed and repaired, so he had booked it in again. Then apparently the field engineer had taken it home last week on Monday night, and broke down with it on the M23, god knows where he lives.

Anyway, I had to phone the garage again on Tuesday morning to find out what was happening. They said that the field engineer had broken down and the vehicle was up on the ramp being investigated. Then I phoned them again 5 hours later and he said he was waiting for a Ford engineer to come back to him regards to changing some module on the gearbox.

On Wednesday I got a phone call to say that Ford had authorised a new gearbox, and it was on order. The guy told me that it would take 48 hours, so my car would be ready on Monday 2 days ago, but still no car - apparently the gearbox arrived on Monday evening, and today, Tuesday I had spoken to them and they said they were having trouble taking the box out, and the car should be ready today Wednesday 19th November 2003. Fingers crossed.