6th Apr 2010, 13:06

I have a 1997 Aspen, and the airbag light stays on all the time. Do I need a new ECU for it?

4th Jul 2010, 12:10

Well a shocker to read all the problems!

I had a flashing glow plug light on the 1.9 TDI on an "R" reg 1998 Alhambra. The glow plug light came on for a second as normal, and the car started and ran fine. After 30 seconds, the glow plug light started to flash.

I had just done an oil and filter change and had no problems previously. It was then flashing each time I drove it, the weird thing was the fault cleared after I was testing the electrics on the tow bar with a trailer lighting board.

Just thought I'd let everyone know as it might help. Also there is no ECU under the front seats on the 1998 Alhambra. Ford also have a history of water problems, the old Granada drain holes would block and allow water in to the fuse box, and then everything would go randomly faulty. Ford modified the fuse box and then there was no problems, I wonder if something similar is causing these random electrical problems, fuse or relay box water ingress? I haven't looked where either is situated yet so could be barking up the wrong tree, but worth a look.

4th Jul 2010, 14:37

Put foot on the brake and you should be able to move the lever on the Galaxy auto.

7th Aug 2010, 04:16

Hi. To get to the drain holes to stop getting water getting in the footwell, you need to take the plastic covers above the wheel/under the wheel arch, and you will see a square black plastic thing. It has a flap of rubber on it. Pull it from the bottom till you release it, then slid it down. You can the clean it and flush all the crap out from under the bonnet.

9th Aug 2010, 09:20

In regard to the problem with the autobox gear select lever; there is an interlock switch on the brake pedal assembly that can fail. It's easy to remove & replace, & costs about £8.00.

Take it to your dealer to identify, as there are 2 or 3 types.

2nd Sep 2010, 17:53

I've had my 2001 1.9 Tdi 115 Sharan since new. I have had problems with the Auto gearbox - one new box and one refurb.

Current problem is only apparent when I've driven perhaps 15 - 20 miles. Gearbox 'clunks' when changing from 2nd to 3rd - very annoying in slow moving traffic. Local well respected gearbox specialists say that they have done diagnostic checks and both engine and gearbox are working as advertised. However electrical signals are erratic and not consistent. They are completely puzzled. They suggest changing air mass meter and solenoids as a last resort. They suspect an electrical problem. Anybody have any suggestions?

10th Feb 2011, 17:00

If I can recommend one thing to you Galaxy owners - NEVER TAKE IT THROUGH A CAR WASH!!

14th May 2011, 12:33

Water pump or head gasket.

13th Jul 2011, 15:20

There are two drain holes either side of the bulk head. If you raise the bonnet and switch your windscreen wipers on, then switch ignition off as they reach vertical, you can reach in and unplug the drain holes on both sides of the car. This will solve the leak problem and maybe the electrical problems you're having. Good luck.

24th Aug 2011, 15:44

Hi all.

Please, please can someone help. I have a Ford Galaxy T reg. I have the problem of it not starting. Saw the advice about the #30 fuse, but when I looked in my fuse box, some fuses are missing, and I have 5 # 30 fuses. Is this normal?


14th Sep 2011, 13:38

Hi, have seen all the foot well problems, and here's mine! My passenger foot well leaks, but not from the drain holes, they are clear. On the inside of the car at the front wheel arch, where it meets the floor, there is factory fitted sealant, the water is seeping from there. I don't want to reseal the join yet, as I might send the water problem elsewhere, help.

15th May 2012, 02:02

I had the same problem. Did you get yours sorted? If not, I changed the ignition coil pack, and it hasn't missed a beat.

24th Sep 2012, 13:18

I have a VW Sharan 2.0L petrol 1999. Today it rained hard, and my footwell started filling with water; not bad, but it had a puddle. When I got home, I tried to close the windows, & instead they opened full & would not close again.

I remembered the CPU problems after reading about it, so I checked under the passenger seat - it was half full of water. I took out the CPU and brought it into the house to dry it out. To my surprise, the car started fine & the windows both shut! That was without the CPU in the car, but the central locking doesn't work now. I haven't tried putting the CPU back, as I am waiting for it to stop raining. Then 1st job will be to try unblock the drain holes. Fingers crossed it will all work when it has all dried out.

20th Dec 2012, 17:54

Galaxy will not start, LED flashing on door. It is relay number 30 in the fuse box.

17th Mar 2013, 16:59

Hi. If the glow plug light stays on, have the fault codes checked to see if the brake pedal switch is faulty, as it runs off the same wiring as the glow plugs. Also check if the brake lights are working also, but if they're working, I'd bet you have a faulty brake pedal switch. Hope this helps.

And for water leaks, there's a drain hole on the O/S in the bulkhead between the wing/chassis and bulkhead. Use a coat hanger or long screw driver to see if it's blocked. It happened to a friend of mine with both faults.

17th Mar 2014, 18:37

Hi. I have a 1998 1.9 TDI Sharan. I have had the following problems:

Limp mode & bad brakes caused by splits in hard vacuum pipe from pump to servo; cured with a new pipe.

Limp mode caused by vent on turbo choked with carbon/soot. Took the turbo apart on the exhaust side & cleaned it with oven cleaner.

Water in passenger side floor. Have cleaned drains, re-sealed down the side of the windscreen & replaced pollen filter; ongoing.

Have cured window & tailgate lights problems by cleaning door connectors & re-wiring rear tailgate loom. Hope this helps.


7th Aug 2014, 21:30

Hi all. I have a 1998 R Reg Galaxy Ghia 2.3 manual petrol. I am currently having a few problems.

Problem 1 - Sometimes when cornering I lose power and feel as if the car is being pulled back; any ideas?

Problem 2 - Sometimes when coming to a stop, junction or roundabout, the engine stalls. Again, any ideas?

Please email me your answers to smdicker171@gmail.com

Great site and many thanks!

28th Sep 2014, 09:13

I have a Ford Galaxy 1.9 diesel auto (2002). Every day I have to fill the water because I see that the expansion tank is empty. I observed while the engine running and there was no water leak visible. What is happening to the water I fill up with? Please help.

30th Mar 2015, 16:28

Haynes manuals can be bought from Halfords. If you can't find yours on the shelf, ask staff who can order a manual for you, then call you when it comes so you can collect it.

10th Apr 2015, 12:16

I'm lead to believe it can be a simple blown fuse or the ABS sensor's dirty. I have the same problem, only on a Sharan.

21st Apr 2015, 06:07

It's not the switches - it's another common fault, and it lies in the driver's door wires - pull back the cover, and most likely, the orange and yellow wire will be broken - fix that and all the windows will be fine.