6th Aug 2008, 14:37

I have had an instrument cluster failure (which seems to be the same as the problems with the Ford Focus - the contacts were all corroded on an 02 Galaxy) has any one else had a similar problem?

16th Nov 2008, 13:06

Hi all great site, have swimming pool in the front of my galaxy thanks to this site have sorted the problem. my other problem is this have only one key not master key, battery has gone can I put new battery in and how do I programme the key many thanks and happy driving.

19th Nov 2008, 08:59

Hi all,

We have just purchased a 96 (N) 2.8 V6 Galaxy. Had it valeted and chap did really good job. Next morning found both driver and passenger foot wells swimming in water, on going round corners more water poured from behind the glove compartment and floor heaters. Have ripped up all carpets and taken out sound proofing, hoping all will dry. Poked drainage holes with wire coat hanger to clear out, lots of water hit the floor under the wheel arches!! Lesson learnt.

After reading the forum I am hoping to solve problem with the central locking and front electric windows by removing the passenger seat and checking electrics under there!!.

Bring on the Haynes manual and bucket load of coffee!!

23rd Nov 2008, 16:56

Hi, I have a 1999 Galaxy 2.3 and I have found the ECU, it has been moved to the back of the clocks. If you remove the clocks you can't miss it.

2nd Dec 2008, 16:56

Any advice appreciated; my Aspen 98 TDI heater doesn't work, no blower, temp gauge very low. Any ideas?

2nd Jan 2009, 16:32

I had an N reg Ford Galaxy that became a fire ball on the M1 on boxing day after a 'pop' noise and smoke pouring out the back. Any ideas or similar faults found?


9th Jan 2009, 16:11

I have a 2004 Sharan 1.9 TDI and couldn't figure out why the rear windscreen washer wasn't working. After making enquiries I discovered the problem was a disconnected hose on the front passenger side. The carpet was saturated with water and I have spent most of the weekend lifting the carpets and drying them out. I now know this is not an uncommon problem. Volkswagen should give some indication of this problem in their owners manual guide.

16th Jan 2009, 11:25

Help, I have just purchased a Galaxy R reg and I am having a wee problem with the auto gearbox when it changes gear; when changing gear it is not smooth, it is very jerky.

8th Mar 2009, 06:44

Can anyone help me, I have a 1999 petrol 2 litre auto Galaxy.

I have developed a strange fault in occasionally not engaging the auto box into drive as the switch on the gear lever will not depress?

Any ideas?


21st Apr 2009, 09:34


My 1996 Galaxy has a few problems, but the one I'm most confused about as is the garage is my indicators not flashing, they flash for a few seconds then get stuck on.

The hazards work perfectly okay.

Also a fuse keeps melting, it's in the fuse box behind the battery, it's a 30 amp (or 30 something) I have taken it out now as the garage said it will stop the wired melting, but we have no clue what the fuse is for, everything seems to be okay except the usual window, lights etc and the indicator problem.

The car was LPG'd, could that be a fuse that was put in for that?

Kind regards.



26th Apr 2009, 13:23

We have just bought a P reg VW Sharan, and we have the water well problem. Thanks to you guys that left comments, hopefully we will be able to fix the problem. We have a few niggly things that need sorting, but need a Haynes manual. Have tried everywhere with no success. Does anyone know where we can get one?

22nd Sep 2009, 08:08

Hi there, reading some of these faults, I wish I never brought this Galaxy. I can't believe the problems that I have yet to experience, and having 5 kids and no money at all doesn't fill me with confidence.

And yes I am currently having my own car troubles.

When the fuel gauge was approaching the red, the car started to kangaroo and pull back whilst driving. We came up with the answer that as it is an R reg, there was probably some muck in the bottom of the tank. So we put some petrol in, but this made no difference and in fact the problem seemed to get worse.

Despite more petrol being added, the car still kangeroos and is now cutting out completely. I have been told that it might be the HT leads.

Can anyone help who may know the correct answer?

7th Dec 2009, 12:34

My brake lights don't work, but my tail gate one does. I tried new bulbs, but it's still the same. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it? Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Many thanks

3rd Jan 2010, 18:35

Ford Galaxy N reg.

Started having problems last week. The car turns over, but is not firing. Never had a problem, has any one got a clue?

Someone said it could be no 30 relay? Any idea?

Ta, Kate

coulamswk@aol.com, give us an email, ta very much.

17th Jan 2010, 14:58

Woke up yesterday morning to the Galaxy TDI on 98 plate with the front windows down. They were up when I locked it the previous night, and it had been raining so mega water intake into the footwells. I'm going to have a look at the ECU under the seat tomorrow after reading everyone else's comments! Cheers.

23rd Jan 2010, 21:18

Hi, I have got a right headache with my 1997 2.3 Galaxy. First, the driver's side filled up with water due to Ford's design fault with the seal falling to bits behind the dash. Since then my central locking won't lock either with the button on the key or from the inside. The alarm is going off all the time, and the boot won't unlock. I have checked the ECU under the passenger seat and I can hear something inside the unit clicking, so I changed it and still the same problems (still have it constantly clicking and still nothing works).

Also the car cuts out when it wants, then a few moments later starts again. The passenger side is bone dry. All the fuses are fine, so what could be causing it? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

15th Feb 2010, 18:08

Hi there, just bought a T reg Ford Galaxy 2.3 auto. The brakes are fine, but the ABS light came on and I don't know why. Any ideas? Thanx.

19th Feb 2010, 10:52

I have a 2004 Galaxy, and my driver's side electric window won't work. It will put the passenger window down, but not back up, and the passenger side works fine. Any ideas???

28th Feb 2010, 10:25

Hi all,

I have a "R" reg Galaxy 2.3 Ghia.

Puddle in the drivers footwell started a few weeks ago, not too bad now, but today the passenger side footwell was wet(very wet and rainy) the alarm kept going off while driving, passenger window not working, boot light on dashboard staying on, central locking not working inside and with key.

Windows also opened by themselves.

Also the front windscreen often steamed up in the inside.

Fiddled with the boot, and the light on dash is now off, but when locking the driver's door, the central locking locks, but instantly unlocks.

I kept the key in the locking position, and after 3 locking/unlocking attempts, it stayed locked.

Had to disconnect the battery because of the alarm going off, but now have it connected and no alarm going off yet.

Now dreading more rain.

Any ideas???

Update: Dried out the ECU under passenger seat and this has worked.

Also cleared what i think are the drainage holes under the windscreen.

Fingers crossed.